Japan Textile Salon to discuss design techniques

Japan Textile Salon, organised by the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), will discuss design techniques and the use of fabrications and materials. The exhibition will focus on increasing sales and distribution channels within the US market as well as displaying the season’s trend colours for Japanese textiles: Moon Night Diver and Biotech Lab.

“Moon Night Diver refers to a compilation of hues of blues, purples and greens depicting the interplay of light and shadow. Biotech lab refers to a nature-inspired palette; ingeniously revealing bio-feel green and blue-green tones, imbued with vegetal-nature vitality. Each exhibitor will contribute uniqueness to the show with their creative ideas in terms of novelty, craftsmanship, functionality and ecology,” said JETRO in a press release.

Hosting 22 exhibitors from various parts of the world, the two-day event is scheduled to begin from January 17 in New York. Highlighting the use of fabrications and materials such as eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, coolmax and water-repellent stretch fabrics, the tradeshow will present inkjet printing techniques alongside traditional hand-printing derived from original Japanese methods.

“It is our great pleasure to present the new and improved Japan Textile Salon to kick-start 2018. JETRO last organised a fabric show in January 2014 and we utilised the past 4 years reflecting, preparing, and listening to what is needed in the industry,” said Asuka Yatabe, project coordinator, business development & PR of JETRO.

“The Textile Salon is a platform curated for the fabric buyers who are interested in discovering quality, unique, and authentic Japanese fabrics that will evoke their inspiration and creativity. This is what Japanese novelty fabrics are all about. We are confident buyers will leave our show with many special gems,” said Yatabe.

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