James Heal ITMA 2019

James Heal had most successful ITMA 2019

James Heal has announced ITMA 2019 as their most successful yet, despite attending for over 40 years, says a recent press release.

Sales have been secured at the show for instruments from their well-known range of textile testing products, but it has been the unprecedented interest in their new comfort and performance testing products that have really caught the eye.

Pre-orders for the new instruments have been very strong for the United Kingdom-based manufacturer. WickView, James Heals new moisture management tester has been particularly well received, with many brands, retailers and institutes excited by the potential it offers.

WickView uses an advanced imaging system to track moisture transport through fabric, both at the skin side and the face side, giving a whole new level of performance insight to textile professionals.

Amanda McLaren, Managing Director of James Heal said, “We were delighted to be back at ITMA, which has well and truly reaffirmed its status as the premier event in the textile calendar. We are thrilled with the success we have had so far, and the excitement of the textile community about our new innovations.”

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