Iran's East Azarbaijan province expands ties with neighbors

Iran’s East Azarbaijan province expands ties with neighbors

Iran’s East Azarbaijan Province is to expand trade with neighboring countries, while its exports to Azerbaijan and Turkey have increased, East Azarbaijan Province Governor Mohammadreza Pour-Mohammadi told Trend.

“The president has pointed to imports of necessary and sanctioned goods through border markets,” he said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has recently visited East Azarbaijan province and inaugurated multiple projects in different sectors in the northwestern province of Iran.

“In addition to trade ties with regional countries, Aras Free Zone in East Azarbaijan Province has facilitated our economic trade with the neighboring countries and fortunately our needs for imports of livestock and necessary goods has been provided via the free zones,” he added.

“Iran has imported meat and livestock feed such as corn and soy alongside sugar from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) via the East Azarbaijan Province,” Pour-Mohammadi said.

“We import major part of our needs from Turkey and Azerbaijan and have good amount of exports to these countries as well,” he indicated.

“East Azerbaijan mostly exports agricultural goods to Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.

“Although sanctions created obstacles, but the exports of Iranian textile and industrial goods have increased since they are affordable,” he noted.

“Now, many of our textile factories are re-opening. Sanctions are goods in a way that we’re self-sufficient and provide our needs domestically,” he added.

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