Iranian Sorena Carpet , In the Global Market

Kohan Journal exclusive interview with Mr. Mahmoudian, CEO of Sorena Carpet Company

In recent years, with some of the other older brands less active in the field of production, Sorena Carpet Company has continued to thrive in the industry.

The company, which will be one of the participants in the China Demotex Exhibition, is set to represent the country’s carpet industry at this massive and prestigious international event. To this end, we set out to explore the views and goals of the Sorena Carpet Company from attending the China Demotex Exhibition.

◘ A brief overview of the company’s history, year of establishment, machinery and technology used, and your export success.

Sorna Carpet Company was established in 2003 with a founding board of more than 25 years in the field of Iranian handmade carpets to produce a carpet in Aran and Bidgol.

Currently, Sorena Company has more than 30 years of executives and employs more than 60 specialized personnel in three separate production units, producing 700 reeds and 1000 reeds of 10 colors and 1200 reeds with the best technology in the world. Be it. Over the past years, this industry group has achieved the highest international standard certifications, including the National Iranian Standard, European Standard and CE Marks, as well as ISO 10001 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, IMS, Cited ISO 10001, ISO 10002, ISO 10003, ISO 10668, ISO 1765.

◘ Tell us about your export history and activities in foreign markets and exhibitions.

By defining the prospect of global market development, Sorena Carpet Company has always tried to be present in different global markets depending on the need of the region, and has had a strong presence in the market outside of Iran by contacting foreign businessmen. Be it. And it is currently working with neighboring countries, especially the Gulf states, the CIS countries, and some countries in the Far East.

Iranian Sorena Carpet , In the Global Market

◘ How many times do you attend Demotex China? And what goals and plans do you pursue with this presence?

Through our research and research by our R&D team, our company decided to attend China’s Demotex International Exhibition in 2017, and by exploring the tastes and interests of the East Asian market in providing carpets for this region of the world, we were able to Let’s face this market. So we have been attending Demotex China Exhibition since that day, and this year we will be attending the Exhibition.

◘ How do you assess the Chinese market and do you find a suitable market for Iranian companies?

The Chinese market is, in my view, a market with its own equations, and the business equations in this market are very different from those of other countries in the world and require a great deal of knowledge. As a matter of fact, several of the colleagues with insufficient knowledge of this market did not reach the desired results and suffered
great losses. As much as this market can have good potential, it also costs a lot. It takes a lot of vigilance to enter this market.

◘How do you evaluate the position of Iranian carpet in the world market?

Unfortunately with the problems that we have left our original and ancient status to our competitors, but still real customers and foreign intelligent businessmen are looking
for genuine Iranian carpets and on the other hand the original role and pictures used in the production of Iranian carpets. It gives souls to carpets, and distinguishes it from
other products.

◘ What is the significance of Iranian designs and designs on the world market? Is it possible to export the product to the Chinese market with the Iranian design or role, or do we need help from its culture and customs?

Well, of course, every country has its own culture and it is sacred to the people of that country. The condition for entering the foreign market is to know the taste and culture of that country. However, in order to enter the new market, the cultural issue of the people of that region must be taken into account, even though Iranian carpets have a long history and background, as a unique and valuable product for almost the whole world. The people of the world have no special place to play. But it would be a smart move if we take advantage of the culture and taste of the target country to produce new products, which we are fortunate to have achieved with success in our constant field research.

◘Why foreign buyers are interested in Iranian carpets?

However, since ancient times the Persian carpet under the international name “Persian Carpet” has been one of the essential components of homes. And we owe it to our ancestors who, in the past, with their own art, have made the world admire this precious art and created the need in the world to be their first choice when buying a rug, an Iranian rug. Today, with the backdrop of that ancient art, we can raise our head in the world today and proudly speak of our product as a 100 percent Iranian product for our audience.

◘ What plans does the Sorena Carpet have for becoming a high-end global brand? In fact, where do you see your company in the next five years?

Fortunately, at Sorna Carpet Company, we have been able to achieve our short-term goals to this day. And we have defined prospects for both the domestic market and the overseas market in the future. With the help of God, we seek to achieve our goals in product development, production, and more importantly, the development of our global market. In Sorena we have tried to interact directly with end consumers through the opening of direct supply stores throughout Iran, including the metropolises of Tehran and Mashhad … and soon in several foreign countries. To provide feedback directly to esteemed buyers, and to facilitate direct contact with our esteemed customers and customers.


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