interview with Mr. Fahrettin Kaplan from Kartal carpet

interview with Mr. Fahrettin Kaplan from Kartal carpet

interview with Fahrettin Kaplan, member of management board, about the yesterday, today and future of Kartal Carpet.

Kartal Hali, founded in 1985 in Gaziantep, has been one of the rare Turkish leading carpet companies by its rare machine weaving with the view of hand-made carpets and different designs. Kartal Carpet Hal? moving with the slogan “Your New Desire” has really succeeded to be the company of the new desire of consumers. We have interviewed with Fahrettin Kaplan, member of management board, about the yesterday, today and future of Kartal Carpet.

1- Mr. Fahrettin, could you please give us information about your company?‎

Kartal Carpet, has started its production and international trade in 1985. Since that time our company has continuously developed itself fast both physically and by technical equipments by following technology.

Our company having activity in 50.000 m2 roofed area is a very important producer of the sector. We have a modern institution in which we can follow and control every single step and make production from yarn to weaving and engraving to cutting.

Especially for five years as Kartal Carpet, we are in the first ranks export champions of Turkey. We are exporting various product groups to more than 40 countries in all over the world. To catch such a success, we have worked together with all the members of our team. Today we are highly happy for the added value to our country and to represent our country abroad successfully. ‎

‎2- Can you give us information about your product groups?

Raw material origin of our production is P.P. BCF, Heat-Set, Frize, Shaggy, acrylic and wall-to-wall and single carpets of viscon. The single carpet capacity of our factory is 10.000.000 m2 per/year. P.P. yarn production is 13.000 tons per/year.

As production flow; we continue our production, making highly use of existing weaving systems, by the yarn we produce, the modern technical equipments we have, every traditional and technical machine equipments and best parts to produce the best quality wall-to-wall carpets.

3- Why should customers prefer Kartal Carpet?‎
As Kartal Carpet, we are candidate to be the “New Desire” of customers. I think that we have mostly succeeded this. Work ethic, altruism, discipline, working without compromising quality and qualified service are our basic principles. We always labour to present quality assets and service. We work dedicatingly keen on our traditions, open to changes and criticisms. ‎

For production, we have a high degree technology and workers. This provides us to make on time production with least error. We face our customers’ demands on time and with zero error. Having our own yarn production flow, we are enabled to produce relevant world trends. As Kartal Carpet, we both follow the new trends for our customers and we can face various types of demands of our customers. Besides, we please our customers with an important compatible price policy of ours. Thanks to these services our customers prefer us.‎

‎4- We observe that as a company you give much importance to technological developments and make serious investments for new range of products. Could you give us information about the technology and R-D investments of Kartal Carpet?

As Kartal Carpet, we sell products to more than 40 countries in six continents. And we fixed our aim to be a “World Trademark. That is why; our production lines must be parallel to world standards. To provide this we closely follow the new technological developments. As you have mentioned, we have a wide range of product types. To please our customers and to be an international trademark, we need to have various kinds of products. You can only do this by following the technological developments well. As well as following technology, we give great importance to R-D because technology when combined with R-D gives better results. With the R-D team we have, we both make changes and follow sectoral developments closely. We differ from our competitors by following the technology well and by the importance we give to R-D.

‎5- Colour is an important factor in carpet. What do you pay attention to while choosing colour groups?
As Kartal Carpet we make products appealing to many customers in different cultures. Because of this, our product groups are quite large. While choosing colour groups we take into consideration the cultural specifications of the country for where the products to be produced, the meaning that the colours carry and consuming habits. For instance, there are big differences between Europe market and Asia market or America market and Middle East market. You have to take these differences into consideration while forming your product groups. Moreover, we follow world trends and trendy colours closely. We form colour groups according to these developments.‎

‎6-What are your future investment plans? Are there markets where you want to spread?
Kartal Carpet is a company which proved to be permanent in this sector. We have many future plans. Our primary aim is to make Kartal Carpet an international trademark. For this we have started a re-construction process. In this process we gave importance to the works to be a brand. Today to be a trademark is very essential. It is essential to create a brand in economical development conditions. Kartal Carpet is already a brand in the countries we make trade. However, we would like to form a brand in world. We started necessary studies to provide this.‎
Among the markets we would like to enter, Europe and America markets have priority.  As Kartal Carpet, we already sell products to these markets. But our new term aim is to increase the capacity of these sales and to play a more effective role in these markets. ‎

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