Zenova currently exporting more than 87% of production to more than 44 countries worldwide

Interview with Mr.Melih Üçkardeş

General Director of Zenova carpet company

Zenova Carpet is a family company for yarn spinning and carpet weaving passed from father to son which – transferred its experience in weaving and yarns since 1960.

Please let us know more details about Zenova Carpet company, history and Potentials

Today Zenoava Carpet become one of the rare fully vertical carpet manufacturers and process is totally integrated, starting from fibres blending, carding, spinning, stock or hank dyeing right through to the finished weave.

Throughout all processes we are constantly hand-inspecting at every single stage. Whether it be the quality of the woollen yarn, the accuracy of the weaving process, or the final carpet.

Our quality management system involves monitoring developments in our market segment precisely, to exacting standards enabling to maintain our position in an increasingly competitive environment.

Interview with Mr.Melih Üçkardeş General Director of Zenova company

We always fulfilling or exceeding the expectations of our customers, constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing techniques and processes, meeting industry standards whilst establishing the highest of production standards, increasing the expertise of our staff through training and improvements to the working environment, determining responsibilities for all parties involved, constantly monitoring adherence to these and constantly developing them further, by so doing, becoming a sough after partner in our market segment.

To this end we are working with and through the British Standards Industry (BSI) ISO 9001 2015.

Let us know about your range of products, which kind of carpet and flooring you produce?

Axminster carpet

Zenova is the largest Axminster carpet manufacturer in Turkey with our Axminster 16 colors looms capacity 1 million square meter per year and we only use the very best raw materials and from a range of British and New Zealand wool yarns.

Interview with Mr.Melih Üçkardeş General Director of Zenova company

The backing that we use is another critical element in fabricating the best quality carpets possible. Our specialist backing is crafted from natural cotton and jute, which are neatly woven into lines – this leaves very small holes, through which our yarn can be woven. Selecting the very best core components is just the start of the job. We also employ the very best craftsmen and women, and empower them with the secrets of making Axminster Carpets.

We produce bespoke designs, based on the specific requirements of our customers. This flexibility has led to us creating unique designs for royal residences, fine hotels, exhibitions and stately homes.

Tufted Carpets are among the most popular and famous products in Zenova

Possibly explained by the advancements in new manufacturing techniques and raw materials we have which allows our customers for more design choices across a variety of yarn materials offering an array of color and pattern choices. Our production techniques allows for the use of Natural and man-made fibres or combinations of all, bringing textures and patterns to life.

Interview with Mr.Melih Üçkardeş General Director of Zenova company


With more than 50 years of wool spinning Our main yarn product is very high quality pure New Zealand or British wool yarn fibers for our customers and for our carpet’s productions.
At Zenova we use the latest equipment and production techniques ensuring our rigorous high standards are maintained at all of our manufacturing also new technology & know how have strengthened the capability in processing yarns. we have a big variety of wool yarns between antistatic and blended wools.

How many percent of your products go to export market? Where is your export main destinations?

Zenova currently exporting more than 87% of production to more than 44 countries worldwide. as we have gained an outstanding reputation for quality and services from our Trade partners across the Globe and we are partners to the biggest hotel brands worldwide. Most of our carpets goes to Great Britain, USA, Germany, Australia, Scandinavian countries and undoubtedly Gulf Area.


How do you evaluate Carpet and flooring industry after pandemic?

While there are some who hope to return to some normality in order to survive financially. We expectant of big changes especially in hospitality flooring based on the Significant growth in the construction industry and the increasing development of residential and commercial complexes, especially in the developing economies in the last 2 years along with rapid urbanization, are anticipated to drive the market toward growth.

Interview with Mr.Melih Üçkardeş General Director of Zenova company

As an expert how do you evaluate carpet and flooring industry in Middle East? Why middle east and north Africa Region is important in carpet industry?

The Middle East has become a gravity point in the global carpet manufacturing industry because of good worldwide distribution ports, combined with low energy and labor costs, as well as the availability of raw materials and the power to invest, give the region a competitive edge. It also allows its market share to grow in a healthy way.

Now the Middle East is the world’s fourth largest carpet manufacturer and expected to grow between 10 -25 % over the next five years.

Interview with Mr.Melih Üçkardeş General Director of Zenova company

COVID 19 shows us we should rely more on sustainability and green products, how we can improve sustainability in carpet industry? do you have any plan in your factory?

We always say to our customers “At Zenova We love Wool” as 95% of our products from natural sheep wool which is sustainable resource, perfect for those living a green lifestyle.
we also believe that sustainable carpet it’s not just the materials that need to be sustainable but the entire manufacturing process.

We providing unparalleled standards and quality of service to all of its customers. We believe that this can and must be done in a way, which protects and enhances the environment.
Our manufacturing process pairing IT solutions with industry skills and expertise to keep waste to a minimum. Our goal is to implement the waste hierarchy and operate in-line with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles.

To this end, we have developed an environmental policy which has been designed and supported by an Environmental Management System that details our commitment to improving environmental performance.


Some projects of Zenova Carpet company



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