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Interface supports carpet recycling law AB 1158

Interface, the largest manufacturer of modular carpet, has favoured AB 1158, the law which builds on and enhances the state’s current carpet recycling programme through implementation of clear-cut goals for recycling, a multi-stakeholder council and requiring new state carpet purchases to include a specified amount of post-consumer recycled content.

AB 1158 was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown on October 14.

“We see this new law as a positive step forward in driving a truly circular economy in our industry,” said Interface CEO Jay Gould. “While we have been committed to recycling product with our own ReEntry product take back programme for two decades, we felt it so important to push for this legislation that we joined a broad coalition of organisations to support and lobby for the bill. Meanwhile, the majority of our industry – including the carpet industry’s trade association and most of our competitors – either aggressively opposed it or chose to do nothing.”

“Doing the right thing – in this case, supporting legislation that improves recycling in the largest state in the country – is in our DNA at Interface,” continued Gould. “We took this step for our customers, our people and the environment.”

Interface has been committed to recycling carpet at end of life for 20 years, diverting more than 350 million pounds of materials from landfill in the US alone, through its ReEntry product take back programme. ReEntry recycles reclaimed fibre for use in new products and reuses backing materials in the creation of new backing.

While Interface has demonstrated its commitment to recycling through ReEntry, the company’s leadership recognises that there must be a robust infrastructure in place to make a lasting impact. “This law is a monumental step toward widespread reclamation and recycling within the industry,” said Gould. “We hope this bill and the incentives for which it provides will spur opportunities for new businesses and the industry to support a greater, nationwide effort, with customers driving demand. In the meantime, Interface will continue to take back and recycle carpet through ReEntry and focus on our Mission Zero goal of zero environmental footprint by 2020.”

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