Gore retreat from PFC’s of concern is ‘on track’

In a move that was initiated back in February 2017, after lengthy talks with Greenpeace, Gore says that after one year of research, the company is largely ‘on track’ to meet its goal of eliminating PFC’s of environmental concern from its consumer products by 2023.

At the ongoing ISPO event here in Munich, the company said it now has seven dedicated research teams to help it remove the relevant PFC’s from its consumer laminate shipments by 2023, which includes jackets, shoes, gloves and accessories. It also says it has developed new types of PTFE grades and said it has already shipped its first PFC-free durable water repellent (DWR) membranes to some customers.

The only area which has challenged Gore so far in the first twelve months has been the issue of PTFE incineration where it has initiated a detailed study to evaluate potential releases of a broad range of PFCs over representative municipal incineration conditions.

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Renato Gerletti