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Sustainable Cotton

Ghana fixes cotton prices for 2019-20 crop season

Ghana recently fixed the seed and input cost for the cultivation of cotton for the 2019-20 crop season at a meeting of government representatives and cotton farmers and companies in Tamale, the northern regional capital. The price of seed cotton grade A was fixed at ¢2.2 per kilogram while grade B seed cotton will be supplied at ¢1.76 per kilogram.


The input cost would also stand at ¢351 while repayment in kilograms was fixed at ¢159.5, a newspaper in the country reported citing a recent memorandum signed by Wienco Cotton operational manager Gbana Yahaya.


Cotton farming in the Sissala zone was a core part of most household farms because of the functional ginnery used in ginning tonnes of cotton for export. But years of neglect drove many out of the sector until an investment of $10 million by RMG Wienco Cotton was injected into the sector to revamp cotton farming and improve livelihoods.

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