Garmon displays white&green line at Kingpins show

Garmon displays white&green line at Kingpins show

Garmon Chemicals displayed its white&green line of project in the world of sustainable bleaching in full compliance with greenofchange requirements at Kingpins, the leading jeans supply chain show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on April 10-11, 2019. The company is the Italian-based leader in the marketing of chemical solutions for the apparel industry.


The company presented a preview of the latest innovation born out of Garmon’s volcanic R&D department. It is Avol Lime, the revolutionary and ecologically-advanced neutralising agent. Used in combination with Avol Oxy White (the bleaching agent that represents the safe alternative to potassium permanganate), it allows to obtain a fully safe and sustainable bleaching process, the company said in a press release.


White&green is the ultimate solution to obtain a safe and sustainable jeans discoloration process. The new line provides two avant-garde solutions: two highly performant products, both representing a safe and conscious alternative. The white soul presents the highest level of whiteness, superior bright shades, stylish vintage looks, and extraordinary contrasts. The green soul presents safe alternative to dangerous products, significant energy savings, is classified in ZDHC gateway (from level 1), and is greenofchange approved.


Avol Lime is the most advanced neutraliser in terms of sustainability. Providing the real alternative to hydroxylamine and sodium metabisulfite (typically the most used product in the process of potassium permanganate neutralisation), Avol Lime is very safe for workers’ health. It is also classified at level 1 in the ZDHC gateway, and carries a series of crucial advantages compared to a standard neutralisation process. It removes more effectively permanganate and its residues from garments, it provides up to 40 per cent better contrasts and brighter discolorations to garments, and is active at room temperature.


Avol Oxy White represents a challenge to the usage of permanganate in garment discoloration. The innovative bleaching agent designed to obtain localised effects on denim is an ecologically advanced product, featuring numerous benefits. It is free from manganese compounds, heavy metals, or halogenated derivatives; it gives stunning quality and perfect used look on the final product; it is safe to handle, easy to apply, and no tumble drying or curing is required.


The whole white&green package is perfectly compliant with the requirements of greenofchange platform. Greenofchange is the Garmon platform that offers a solid and innovative approach to the problem of sustainability in the fashion industry. To respect the greenofchange guidelines, garments must be treated with certified Garmon chemicals, through a finishing process based on the efficient use of resources.


One of the latest novelties of the platform presented at the Kingpins Show is the special hangtag including a QR code, which can be featured on all garments whose finishing process complies with greenofchange requirements. After scanning the code, we are provided precise information on the amount of natural resources that were saved in the finishing of that single garment, along with all information related to the safety of the chemical compound with respect to the environment, workers and end-consumers.

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