The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo will return once more in the new year, from 29-30 January, with the ninth reincarnation brought to you again from the Victoria House in London.

The trade fair looks to inspire a greater focus on sustainable sourcing materials throughout the fashion industry and showcases a vast array of these alternatives that boast a lower environmental footprint.

“Our vision is to facilitate and support a re-imagined fashion industry where creativity and designing for sustainability contributes positively to people and the planet,” said director of the Future Fabrics Expo, Nina Marenzi. “As much as fashion is part of the problem it’s also part of the solution by following regenerative and restorative principles.”

With material sourcing very much setting the tone for the sustainability of a supply chain, the Sustainable Angle is keen to once again provide a platform for industry stakeholders to liaise with potential partners and identify solutions befitting to their operations.

“A circular systems and sustainable design: it can turn into a powerful force for positive change to help tackle the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and depletion of finite resources,” Marenzi notes. “Fashion can be a vehicle for change, towards a future where those who create, manufacture, communicate and experience fashion and empowered to be change-makers.”

Along with the displays of various material types will be educational information, which will serve to simplify the benefits each product can bring for brands and manufacturers looking to purchase more sustainably.

Ultimately, the event will serve as a bridge between material innovators and a growing customer base keen to capitalize on the proliferation of new material types. The Sustainable Angle says those in attendance can discover thousands of globally sourced textiles, each labeled with detailed product specifications and any relevant environmental certifications.

In addition, seminars will take place to inspire the 400+ in Victoria House. Whilst the ‘Innovation Hub’ will feature emerging technologies set to hit the market.

“Materials matter; they represent the beginning of the design journey, embodying tactile promise, expressing the creativity and substance of new fashion products. They also account for highly significant impacts across the supply chain. We need to urgently rethink our relationship with the resources that provide our material needs, and actively engage in positive sourcing and practices that diversify our fibre basket and limit and tackle waste intelligently,” said Amanda Johnston, curator, and consultant for the event.

“The Future Fabrics Expo provides the inspiration, knowledge, and solutions that look forward to a new materials landscape, and the birth of responsible systems and models for the future,” she concluded.


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