French Textile Equipment Manufacturers’ Association

Morocco welcomes French Textile Equipment

Morocco and France have very strong and historical ties in the textile and apparel industries. Moroccan entrepreneurs have been trained in French business schools and textile engineers in French textile universities.

Logistics are very easy between the two countries; transportation is fast and reliable. Then, the Moroccan industry with its skilled but not expensive work force and French internationally well-known brands have a mutual interest to work together. This is why the French Textile Equipment manufacturers have been very active on this market for a long time but, due to the pandemic, most in-person travels have been cancelled for the last two years.

A business conference day have been organized in Fès on November 23. Fortunately, it happened to be scheduled between two covid waves and then took place at the great satisfaction of both the organizers and the Moroccan textile industrialists.

French Textile Equipment Manufacturers’ Association

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Textile Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (UCMTF) were among the French organizers. On the Moroccan side, the investment club of Fès-Meknés, the Association of the Moroccan Textile and Apparel industries (AMITH), the Moroccan ministry, the textile school (ESITH), the Moroccan technical textile association etc.
Five French Companies were invited
– Alliance, manufacturer of dyeing and finishing equipments (rope and open width)
– Fil Control, the specialist in electronic devices to control yarns
– NSC, the world leader in spinning preparation and spinning of long staple fibers
– Petit, spare parts for ARCT, ACBF, ICBT, Rieter ICBT, RITM and Saurer-Diederichs
– Schaeffer Productique, a leader in textile management software and collaborative web applications.

After the conference, 2 major companies offered a visit: Triumph and IBTITEX. During the two following days in and around Casablanca, Fès and Tanger individual visits were organized. The conference and visits took place in a very serious atmosphere. Quite a number of contacts were originated, projects were studied and quotations made.

For Christian Guinet, The Secretary General of UCMTF, who attended all three days, the partnerships between Moroccan ad French companies are very important for both industries. As travels are again restricted, the next steps will, at least temporally, take place through teleconferences and the virtual presentations which are developed by the French Equipment Manufacturers.

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