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Egyptian Cotton witnesses surge in exports following sustainability drive

‘Going sustainable’ always pays rich dividends! And, a close look at Egyptian Cotton ’s export numbers confirm the above.

Following the drive on improving sustainability, 2018-2019 saw the Egyptian Cotton record a 45 per cent increase in exports. The Egyptian cotton production and exports are at their highest in 5 years.

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), the independent body responsible for the global brand, has been supporting the implementation of ‘The Egyptian Cotton Project’ activities that englobe an innovative training, education and awareness approach across the cotton supply chain.

Notably, this comes under CEA’s collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, implementing ‘The Egyptian Cotton Project’, Cotton for Life and Better Cotton initiatives, to enhance and advance sustainability of Egyptian Cotton while reducing contamination.

Khaled Schuman, Executive Director, CEA, said “Trial areas adopting sustainable practices have seen a 30 per cent increase in cotton yields and a 25 to 30 per cent decrease in water consumption according to the project’s data.”

In addition to embracing organic production methods, reducing water consumption and pesticides, the Egyptian Cotton Project is implementing education programmes that promote farmers and workers’ health and welfare, gender equality and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth.

The project’s stakeholders strive to continue work towards enhancing sustainability because more sustainability is more production and more business.



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