interview with Ms.Renata Rovetta-Dora Enrico

Revolutionary Precision with Dora Enrico: Introducing the Circular Thread Cutter


Interview with Ms.Renata Rovetta, Dora Enrico (Italy)- A company leader in the production of circular thread cutter .

Officina Meccanica Dora Enrico S.r.l. born from the passion for mechanics and a strong productive spirit of its founder Enrico Dora. Founded on May 15,1953 at the beginnig it dealt in the manufacure of precision mechanics, until in 1963, thanks to ingenuity and talent of its founder, realized a patended system of thread cutting, alternative to the one already existing at that time, developing in this direction its main activity. It quickly established itself on the main national and international markets becoming a leading company in the sector.

KTJ: Which percentage of your products are used inside Italy and how much is exported? Which countries are the most important export destinations for your products?

RR: We supply the largest Italian manufacturers of hosiery and knitting machines for over 70 years. Our products reach the manufacturers first and then all the countries of the world. The most important export destinations are America, Turkey, Pakistan and many others in a lesser way.

KTJ: What is your opinion about Itma exhibition, Please Share with us the most important properties of Dora types of machinery at ITMA.

RR: ITMA is the place where meet the top textile and garment producers and leading brand owners, is the largest international trade fair for textile and clothing technology, We are not manufacturers of textile machinery so there won’t be any type of machinery at ITMA. Our items are a fundamental part of a hosiery or knitting machine, they’re the parts that cutting the yarn.

KTJ: Sustainability and zero waste is an important subject for textile manufacturers all around the world, what is Dora’s sustainability policy?

RR: Our sustainability policy is directly towards an energy improvement plan, a sustainable production and consumption plan.

KTJ:  Reducing production costs is a priority for all textile factories, how your production can help manufacturers in this field?

RR: We had always paid great attention to the raw material and even today, where the production costs are a priority, we’ve never choose poor quality materials to lower prices. We have choosen to improve our equipment to keep costs down as much as possible. Now the war in Ukraine made everything very complicated but our quality will never fail.

KTJ: How do you evaluate the Italian textile machinery manufacturing sector in general?

RR: In Italy, as in the rest of the world, the hosiery sector has had a rather unstable trend in the last few years. The sector has been strongly affected by the Covid crisis first and then Ukraine war. The market trend rermains fluctuating.

KTJ:  As an expert how do you evaluate the middle east and Africa region potentials in the textile sector for the future?

RR: The countries of North Africa and the Middle East, has such attractive factors as to make it attractive as a new “promised land of business” The Chinese project of the New Maritime Silk Road is increasing the economic role of the countries belonging to this area, already rich in energy resources and with a young workforce. However, we must fight against political instability, the reasons that slow down economic growth and the obstacles to entrepreneurship development.

At The End…

This year we celebrate our 70th anniversary of foundation, seventhy years of history, a long journey made of great passion, quality and knowledge. Thanks to the founder Enrico Dora, who passed away in 2019, who made his passion for work his motto, our history continues through son and grandson.

circular thread cutter of high quality and maximum precision

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