DIENES Spitz auf Spitz

DIENES presents at the PulPaper fair in Helsinki: the knife holder DS 8 with DIENES “easy change”

DIENES has been the market leader for industrial straight and circular knives and robot slitting systems in the paper industry since 1913. The company employs approximately 500 people and holds various international and national patents. DIENES knives and knife holders are used to cut, scratch or perforate a wide variety of materials. DIENES products are especially used in the paper sector, e.g. for slitter-winders, e.g. two-drum winders and single-drum winders, cross cutters and double slitters as well as cut-size machines for multi-ply paper up to approx. 800g. The DIENES products are used in both roll to roll and roll to sheet processes. Of course, our knife holders and knives are also used for slitting tissue, cardboard, nonwoven, labels, medical and environmentally friendly materials.

DIENES will present one of its latest developments at the PulPaper trade fair: The well-known DS 8 knife holder, which is often used in the paper industry, has been supplemented by another comfort feature, the “easy change”. Easy Change means that a tool-free knife change is easy and comfortable. This new and patented system of knife change minimizes set-up times considerably and contributes to work and process reliability in the company.



DS 8 with DIENES “easy-change” – tool-free knife change

And that is how easy it is to replace the knife on the DS 8 knife holder: The knife can be easily removed and replaced by unlocking the safety bar and removing the clamping nut. The ring nut is then screwed back onto the knife holder until the locking clip engages in its fixing position and the ring nut is thus secured against rotation. Due to the rotary fixing the knife head is additionally secured, due to the rotary movement the safety clip engages automatically.


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