Brazilian cotton
Brazilian cotton

Cotton sector to receive boost in Azerbaijan’s Ujar region

Factories for cotton processing, production of cottonseed oil and fiberless cotton seeds will be set up in Azerbaijan’s Ujar region as part of measures to strengthen the processing industry, according to agriculture minister Inam Karimov. Specific measures for the cotton sector in the agrarian reforms will increase crop yield, he said recently.

In an article released by the country’s official media, the minister said the measures will contribute to the development of the industry and will ensure the demand for locally-produced fiberless cotton seeds, according to English-language media reports in the country.

The cotton industry, once the traditional branch of agriculture in the country, is reviving now. Its production is high in Saatli, Bilasuvar, Barda, Aghjabadi and Sabirabad regions.

In early 2017, the State Program for 2017-2022 was approved with an aim to develop cotton growing, increase export potential in this sector and ensure rural employment.

The new target is to bring cotton production up to 500,000 tonnes by 2022 from the current 260,000 tonnes.

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