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China Urged to Help Iran to Resume Carpet Exports

China Urged to Help Iran to Resume Carpet Exports

Head of Iran National Carpet Center (INCC) Fereshteh Dastpak expressed hope that China would ease the ground for imports of silk for Iranian carpet weavers.

Speaking in the gathering  on reviewing Iran-China economic relations in Tehran, Dastpak said that hand-woven carpet is Iran’s oldest export stuff to China, adding that last month a huge artistic silk carpet, woven by 180 weavers from Isfahan Province based on a design from a Chinese artist, was handed over to one of China’s museums.

She added that carpet has always been the symbol of culture and traditions for Iran and it is somewhat a joint production of Iran and China.


She added that silk hand-woven carpets account for 20 percent of Iran’s carpet exports while 90 percent of silk for weaving carpet is imported from China, expressing hope that since carpet is a strategic production, China’s government would ease the ground for export of silk for Iranian weavers.

She added that carpet was the second target of the U.S. sanctions while over eight million people earn their lives in this industry, adding that 90 percent of Iran’s carpet products are exported.

She demanded China officials to help Iran to make the U.S. sanctions ineffective in order that Iran could export carpet to other countries via China.

She noted that Chinese people like Iranian carpets, expressed hope the trade between both countries in carpet sector along with exports would increase.


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