Carrington New Carrington joint venture in the Middle East

Carrington-New Carrington joint venture in the Middle East

The demand for technical fabrics in the Middle Eastern oil as well as gas and utilities industries have been steadily growing in recent years. This has encouraged Carrington Textiles, Adlington/UK, to embark upon a joint venture with a local distributor in the United Arab Emirates.

This partnership will allow Carrington to enhance its current distribution capabilities, working with an on-the-ground partner to satisfy customer needs faster.

Carrington Textiles Middle East, Sharjah (near Dubai)/UAE, has seen a lot of interest from industries such as oil and gas, utility companies, automotive, steel, healthcare and government bodies.

From the warehouse in Sharjah the company aims to serve the 6 GCC countries (Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). With 150,000 meters currently in stock, the company has focused the product offering on fabrics such as lightweight comfortable and durable Teredo, as well as more technical fabrics with advanced comfort and durability, such as Flametuff 250 AS, which has recently been re-engineered to meet the American NFPA 2112 standard.

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