Buyers to get flexible services at Intertextile Apparel

Buyers to get flexible services at Intertextile Apparel

Sourcing needs have diversified in the apparel industry, and flexible solutions can be found at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics from March 12. The fair will gather a huge variety of suppliers from all over the world, the majority of which can meet specific sourcing needs, such as smaller quantity orders, fast turnarounds and custom-made products.

“This fair is the ‘alpha’ to find new suppliers, and the ‘alpha’ for relationship building with companies as everyone is here,” said Nicola Grosso of Brooks Brothers (USA) at the 2018 Spring Edition. “It’s good to come here to learn who the actual manufacturers are, it’s easier to manage suppliers by coming here as you have more direct contact. Timing is the first thing in fashion, so it’s important to have this direct contact.” The multi-national nature of the fair will attract a variety of exhibitors, including Chinese suppliers, who are looking to do business overseas and so are willing to be flexible in order to meet buyers’ needs, such as fast turnarounds. With exhibitors offering product-in-stock services across almost all product groups, the fair offers a unique opportunity for businesses to fulfil onsite orders, acting as a catalyst for building strong relationships, organiser Messe Frankfurt said in a press release.


While Intertextile Apparel is well established as a leading platform for the industry to gather and meet large, seasonal orders, some exhibitors will also accept smaller order quantities, the release added. This feature will benefit a wide variety of buyers with different needs – whether they are smaller brands, companies testing the market with a new end-use product, or even buyers wishing to try out a supplier’s service in order to find the right partnership to suit their needs. Plenty of exhibitors across product categories will offer custom-made services, attracting visitors who need to stand out in the competitive global apparel market.

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