Autoconer 6 with E3 winding machine more efficient


Autoconer  :: The Saurer Group, Switzerland’s leading globally operating technology group focusing on machinery and components for yarn processing, has announced that its new Autoconer 6 winding machine with E3 certification, with optimum settings and latest equipment, is the most efficient and cost-effective automatic winding machine that is available in the market.

Comparative measurements in the package winding sector show that the Autoconer 6 is not only more productive than the competitors; it also consumes less energy and compressed air and uses the valuable raw material more sparingly.

In a spinning mill in India, two fully equipped and optimally adjusted latest-generation winding machines, the Autoconer 6 and a competitor’s machine, were compared with one another. Over a period of one month, energy and compressed air consumption, yarn waste and production were continuously measured and the results averaged over the entire month. Both machines were used for winding under the same conditions (material: 100 per cent CO, Ne 40 with a winding speed of 1,600 m/min). For objective comparability and independent evaluation of the results, the customer set the consumption data in direct relation to the yarn quantity produced.

The Autoconer 6 is the leader in all measured values. Its production is 4 per cent higher than that of its competitor. It uses 3 per cent less energy and 13 per cent less compressed air. The yarn waste is also significantly lower. Here, the advantage in terms of economy is approximately 13 per cent. Calculated over the year, the Autoconer 6 achieves a significantly higher return than the competition machine.

The Autoconer 6 was developed from the outset with the aim of ensuring maximum productivity with the lowest possible consumption of resources. E3, the certificate for triple customer benefits in the fields of energy, economics, and ergonomics.

Thanks to SmartCycle and a flow-optimised suction nozzle, the Autoconer 6 ensures an extremely efficient cycle process. This is why the intelligent ‘Power on Demand’ system makes it possible to apply the vacuum sparingly and in accordance with requirements. The globally unique SmartJet also supports upper yarn detection and pushes up productivity. The variable adjustability of MultiJet means that compressed air consumption can be drastically reduced.

To ensure that the full potential savings are exploited in daily practice, the Autoconer 6 can be optionally equipped with energy monitoring. It continuously measures electricity and compressed air consumption online during operation so that the operating personnel can monitor and optimise resource consumption lot by lot.

With its measurable performance advantages, Autoconer 6 is the benchmark for productivity and economy in the winding.


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