Asteks to show new sleeve rectification machine at ITMA

Asteks to show new sleeve rectification machine at ITMA

Asteks will show a range of apron and cuff types to industry professionals with its new generation recycler, 201-SF, at ITMA 2019 expo in hall 7, booth D-101. The leading textile and garment technology exhibition will be held from June 20-26, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. Asteks is a leader of the Turkish textile market with their cots, apricots, and crafts.


The company, which has expanded its local and international market with its solutions for the Rektefiye office, will also explain the 101 in-house transportation vehicle for many industries, according to Asteks.


Prepared to host important manufacturers of the global yarn market, the Asteks booth will feature the company’s latest 201-SF recycler. Developed for spinning mills focusing on high efficiency, the machine has the advantages of easy operation, high precision processing and low maintenance. Equipped with an intelligent feeding system, the 201-SF reciprocating machine eliminates the need to load and unload individual cuffs by a permanent staff. It is enough to discharge all the sleeves to be fed to the feeding chamber at once. The system will perform the whole process automatically and direct the finished sleeves to the other chamber.


Another feature of the 201-SF is that it recognises different diameters and separates them from the process. In this way, the system can be automatically sorted. By eliminating the errors that will be caused by the size difference, it is prevented from misalignment and the loss of time is eliminated. The 201-SF can abrade every type of ring yarn and roving frame sleeves, as well as straightforwardly handling long sleeves such as drawframe and comb sleeves.

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