Arad Carpet is a unique blend of art and knowledge

Mr. Saber – Managing Director of Arad Carpet Company

Interview of Kohan Textile Journal with Mr. Saber – Arad Carpet Company

1- First and foremost, please tell our readers about the history of Arad Carpet Company’s founding and the story of its growth and success.

Arad Carpet Company was founded as a result of the Saber family’s extensive experience in the textile and machine carpet industries. My grandpa began his career making pure silk for export and sale. When the textile business became more mechanized, my father created a company to produce machine-made carpets, and he continued to create 500 reed carpets with a density of 1000.

Haj Reza Saber constructed another company for the manufacturing of 700 reeds carpets with a density of 2550 with the passage of time and the advancement of carpet weaving equipment around the world. By purchasing up-to-date machine-weaving equipment in 2016, we developed and launched a more modern company named Arad Carpet Company. We began to make 1500 reeds carpets with a density of 4500.

Arad Carpet is a unique blend of art and knowledge
Inspecting machineries

2- What kind of products does Arad Carpet Company produce? Density, reeds, and design are all factors to consider.

Arad Carpet Company’s goods are 1500 reeds carpets with a density of 4500, made with the best low-lint acrylic carpet yarn in two styles: classic and vintage.
Carpets with diverse forms and designs, such as Afshan, Tabriz, Isfahan, and Kheshti, are manufactured in the classic style and are all exclusive to Arad Carpet. They are produced in eight colors and have a very calm and beautiful coloring. Carpets in the vintage style are manufactured with high contrast colors and light and harmonious colors.


3-Describe Arad Carpets’ most recent products and new collections.

The new collection of vintage and classic carpets, which features unique designs and subtle color variations, is the most recent series of items manufactured by Arad, and it was showcased at the 2021 International Carpet Exhibition.


4- The Arad Company carpets are distinguished by their beautiful design and detailed coloring. What is the significance of carpet design?

We pay close attention to the appearance of our carpets since that is what our consumers demand. Aside from the yarn, texture, and substance of the carpet, the visual quality is critical, meaning that the carpet we give and utilize does not irritate the consumer’s eyes or mind. We sought to instill a sense of tranquility in our customers by using the proper color palette.


5- Do you think it’s important to buy original designs? What percentage of your designs are unique and original, and what percentage are copies of current market designs?

Because there are many designs in the carpet market that most factories manufacture and sell in many colors, and their samples are everywhere, I believe in the originality of the carpet design, which means that I believe in the uniqueness of the carpet design. We tried to show our products uniquely and especially to the market so that we could feel the distinction between our carpets and the carpets on the market.

Arad Carpet is a unique blend of art and knowledge
Arad Machine-made carpet

5- What is your opinion of the carpet design situation in the machine-made carpet industry?

Every day, the field of carpet design advances, but there is still much more work to be done. We don’t have many designers who generate original designs because of the large number of producers, and most of them, in my view, duplicate other people’s work. The number of innovative designers is rather low.


6- Do you specialize in the export of machine-made carpets? What strategies do you have in place to boost your exports?

We have had a substantial performance in the field of export due to the young age of Arad Carpet Company, and we are still producing a distinctive collection that is similar to the taste of our export target market.


7- How do you see the machine-made carpet industry in Iran in the future?

Despite all quantitative and qualitative issues, the machine-made carpet industry has made tremendous progress in recent years. If properly planned and promoted, it can significantly increase the country’s non-oil exports. Iran produces over 140 million square meters of carpets per year, with about 90,000 square meters consumed domestically and the rest sold to China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada, Russia, and European countries.

Arad Carpet is a unique blend of art and knowledge

8- Do you offer your products for sale on the internet? Describe the distribution and sales network for Arad Carpet in further detail.

The answer is no; we have not started our operations in the field of internet sales; instead, we are doing virtual exhibitions on social media platforms. In addition to having physical sites throughout the country, our next goal is to begin selling our products online in the near future. In addition, we provide advisory and sales support throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

The most important key to our progress has been quality in all stages of product production, including yarn type, texture quality, designs, and color scheme. I am very confident about our company, and we can compete in this industry with other competitors around the world in the future. That brought the interview with Mr. Saber to a close, and we hope you found it to be informative and that you acquired the information you were looking for about the future of this thriving business, and specifically about Arad Carpet Company, which is one of the leading advocates in this field. They have a lot of brand new products with very attractive designs.


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