Apple enters into fabrics! Invents smart-fabric based health gloves

Apple, a name known for the best of technology innovations and developments in electronic gadgets, now owns a patent for smart fabric too.

Recently US Patent & Trademark office published three patent applications from Apple that relates to smart fabric. One of the most interesting innovations is a smart glove that integrates smart fabrics with integrated circuity and forces sensors. These are equipped with blood pressure sensors, respiration sensors, a heart rate sensor and more. The output from these gloves are sent to the IDevice to present the result and these gloves works in conjunction with an Apple device like Apple Watch or iPhone.

The gloves includes a layer of fabric and other layer of material shaped in the form of glove. The working is dependent on the sensors that are located on the top of one or more fingers, on palm or the top surface of the glove that covers the back of a users hand. When the user presses glove finger in downwards towards any surface, the force applied to the fabric and to the force sensors, take the reading and send to an external apple devices.

To give the desired structure to the gloves, it include a non woven material, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, crystalline material such as sapphire, leather etc.

The company application for patent was originally filled back in March 2018. Moreover, considering that this is a patent application the timing to such a product is unknown at this time.

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