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Final report-Apparel Sourcing Paris and Shawls&Scarves Paris 2019


Messe Frankfurt France’s trade shows dedicated to the fashion industry attracted 14,862 visitors, who thronged the aisles at The Fairyland for Fashion. 213 people did not attend. After a 2018 show that was quite extraordinary, September 2019’s show recorded rather more consistent results, with positive overtones on the whole.

The Top 5 visitors remain unchanged in spite of economic pressure and the political situation:
1 – France, 2 – United Kingdom, 3 – Spain, 4 – Italy, 5 – Turkey

We would point out the increase in visitors attending from Poland (+11%), which attests to the important role played by this country in European sourcing. For those attending from countries outside Europe, footfall remained encouraging, with a return in force from Turkey (+17%), as well as from other major importer countries such as Morocco (+19%) from the African continent and, it goes without saying, China (+41%). United States (+1%), Canada (+14%) and Brazil (+15%) also attended this season’s show.

“The market is difficult but those who have the products and skills that appeal were able make the most of the situation. Despite less time spent by visitors, he number of people attending still reported excellent business. There is an explanation for this: exhibitors at our trade shows are increasingly adapting to the demands of the market and becoming ever better at doing so. These efforts were rewarded with an excellent atmosphere and significant results, especially among the top companies.

Overall we noticed a degree of instability on the markets due to the uncertainty caused by some turbulence in relations between certain countries. Exhibitors and visitors with most experience of the market were more than able to benefit from this situation. We note that a number of our exhibitors have adapted to meet the demands of customers, who wish to place orders for smaller quantities. They have also recorded increases in their turnover” says Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

The world’s fashion industry can be found at Apparel Sourcing Paris and Shawls&Scarves, where tomorrow’s collections take shape.

648 exhibitors with 17 different nationalities took part in this season’s shows for clothing production and fashion accessories. Apparel Sourcing Paris assembles, on the one hand, the largest international clothing producers, and Shawls&Scarves Paris, on the other hand, hosts designers of accessories that cover shoulders and heads.

“Many firms that are regular attendees at our shows for clothing production achieved excellent results and made some high-calibre contacts among our visitors. This is what I was told by representatives from Myanmar, Ethiopia and China, who I am following closely. I am also observing the development of the small quantities circuit, in particular on behalf of our Chinese associates, over one hundred of whom are now offering this. I am glad to see that our exhibitors are just as capable of responding to demands from the industry as well as from couture” says Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

Apparel Sourcing Paris and Shawls&Scarves Paris showcase a very diverse range of skills and expertise, making it an indispensable event for buyers of finished products. The atmosphere remains unwaveringly oriented towards business; yet there are nevertheless more creative areas to be found, as designed by the artistic directors of the trade fairs, who highlighted a selection of outfits and accessories. This clever blend lends these shows their special character, which is so conducive to doing business.

In order to make the visitors’ itinerary easier, this year the organisers also reviewed how the exhibition space was segmented. The categories used to classify the areas of expertise for fashion clothing were welcomed by visitors. They covered knitwear, dressmaking, bespoke tailoring, sportswear, evening wear, outerwear, made-to-measure, lingerie and swimwear, workwear and textile accessories.

This year, visitors also showed a considerable interest in women’s clothing, knits and sportswear, a segment that is very much on trend. “We met up with a wide range of customers and plenty of opportunities arose“ explained Yung, an assistant at Meisiya Garment (Dalian), a manufacturer of clothing made of technical textiles. This view of Shawls&Scarves was shared by Vanntha 

Ngorn, the founder of the Cambodian Color Silk company. As far she is concerned, the show was “worthwhile in terms of contacts, opening up new perspectives in B2B as well as in terms of suppliers.”

Contractors are always searching for fresh ideas for their ever increasing numbers of collections and they have less and less time to find suppliers, whatever volumes they require. “The market changes very rapidly. As a designer, I find it interesting to be able to go to a trade fair where I see a very, very varied offer in such a short time. I’m looking for manufacturers, for materials and so on. There’s a huge variety here. I don’t always go to the same suppliers; that’s what I find interesting, having so much choice! I’ve found lots of new suppliers too, with very specific techniques. I’ve also noticed that there are more and more exhibitors who will accept orders for small quantities requiring slightly more unusual work, products that are a little bit more special. Exactly what I’m looking for!” explains Christophe Guillarmé, a fashion designer based in Paris.

Like last year, China demonstrated its growing interest in the European market with displays by 15 Chinese fashion labels in a dedicated exhibition space. Something else that aroused interest at this season’s show was the collaboration between the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin and Chinese clothing manufacturers in a presentation of French creative skills and sophisticated design from traditional Chinese firms.

Finally, the new Hall 2 agora, which is situated between Apparel Sourcing Paris and Leatherworld Paris, was the backdrop for demonstrating the immense clothing expertise of professionals from the sector, focussing on two main themes: “Vast potential for corporate clothing and workwear” and “Funding, support and development for fashion labels” can be seen on Messe Frankfurt France’s Vimeo showcase.

In addition, the catwalk area once again served to present international design with many catwalk shows from individual countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia (Meet in Africa), Hong Kong, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, in addition to the winner of the Source Africa Young Designers’ Competition, and budding talent from FRANKfurtstyleaward.

Apparel Sourcing Paris, complemented by Shawls&Scarves Paris, remains the epicentre of the European fashion industry. An international exhibition of fashion clothing and accessories, designed to host all the players in this sector.

Next Apparel Sourcing Paris and Shawls&Scarves Paris 10-11-12-13 February 2020 in Paris, Le Bourget

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