ANDRITZ Nonwoven & Textile’s Perspective in the Middle East

Explore the dynamic landscape of textile and nonwoven industries with Tobias Schäfer, Vice President Sales at ANDRITZ Nonwoven & Textile Company. In this interview, we delve into the role of European companies in fostering growth in the Middle East and Africa.

Discover how European governments support industry development and the immense potential of African and Middle Eastern markets. Learn about ANDRITZ’s innovative solutions and suggestions for enhancing competitiveness and sustainability in the textile and nonwoven sectors. Join us for insights into the evolving future of these industries and the transformative impact of European expertise and collaboration.

What contributions can European companies and organizations make to the development of the textile and nonwoven sector in the Middle East and Africa?

European companies and organizations, including ANDRITZ, can make an important contribution to the development of the textile and nonwovens sector in the Middle East and Africa, e.g., through advanced machinery and equipment tailored to market needs, life-cycle service and training, innovation and continuous development, and sustainable solutions and support.

As one of the leading suppliers of technologies for the nonwoven, textile recycling and textile finishing industry and with various customers and partners in the Middle East and African region, ANDRITZ contributes to the growth and development of the textile and nonwovens sector in this area, thus promoting economic progress and social development in the region.

How can European governments support the development of the textile and nonwoven sector?

European governments play an important role in supporting the development of the textile and nonwovens sector in the Middle East and Africa by creating a favorable environment for trade and investment, promoting sustainable practices, and facilitating cooperation and partnership between European and local companies. It is crucial in fostering sustainable economic growth, promoting trade relations, and enhancing international cooperation in Middle East and Africa.

In this respect, the European Green Deal is giving a real boost to the development of environmentally friendly processes and products. As a result, sustainability is becoming an important goal for the textile, nonwoven, and hygiene processing industries. Manufacturers of wet wipes, for example, are moving strongly in the direction of environmentally friendly products, as the EU Commission has restricted the single use of plastic (plastic ban) in the composition of wet wipes and hygiene products in general.

What is your assessment of the potential of the African and Middle Eastern textile/nonwoven sectors?

African and Middle Eastern countries have significant potential in the textile, nonwoven and hygiene converting sector due to growing populations, increasing demand for nonwovens and textiles, government support and a strategic geographical location.

With the right policies, investments and collaborations, these regions can leverage their strengths to further develop their textile and nonwovens industries and contribute to sustainable economic growth and industrialization.

Due to the high birth rate and rising living standards, the demand for hygiene nonwovens is booming. ANDRITZ offers in this field state-of-the-art production technologies, such as spunbond calenders, spunlace, air-through-bonding and airlaid, as well as converting machines for baby, fem, and adult care products.

Moreover, the Middle East and Africa region is well-known for its textile production, as many brands are producing there. The region can be titled as Europe’s hub for textile production, especially North Africa and Turkey. However, the textile business shows still a high potential to grow.

The rising needs for textiles worldwide and a high amount of post-consumer textile waste, makes textile recycling and finishing processes a big demand in the area. ANDRITZ delivers viable solutions that bring the circular economy to the world of textile fibers. From textile sorting, textile fiber preparation to mechanical and chemical recycling and combined processes, the company offers the full suite.

Due to the increasing development of infrastructure and the transportation sector, geotextiles will be a growth area in the coming years as well. ANDRITZ supplies complete needlepunch lines to produce nonwoven fabrics designed for geotextile applications. This material is used as stabilization for new infrastructures such as roads and highways.

What solutions and suggestions does ANDRITZ offer?

ANDRITZ Nonwoven & Textile is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies for the nonwoven and textile finishing industry. Its key competences lie in technologies for air-through bonding, airlay, airlaid, needlepunch, spunlace, spunbond, wetlaid/Wetlace, converting, textile finishing, recycling, and bast fiber processing. Complete lines, rebuilds, upgrades and automation are part of the portfolio, as well as business with individual machines.

Furthermore, ANDRITZ offers a comprehensive range of solutions to support manufacturers optimize their operations, improve product quality, and achieve their sustainability goals. With its expertise, innovation, and global support network, ANDRITZ is a trusted partner for companies in this sector seeking to enhance their competitiveness and sustainability.

For instance, ANDRITZ offers a broad and constantly growing range of innovative products and services in the industrial digitalization sector under the brand name Metris. One focus area is the Metris all-in-one digitalization platform, which provides full support for industrial plants throughout their entire life cycle.

It combines a complete set of functionalities for professional production management, simulation and optimization using the latest artificial intelligence methods, plus cyber security, and condition monitoring with smart sensors in an integrated approach.

With state-of-the-art installations at the technical centers in Krefeld (Germany), Montbonnot (France), Elbeuf (France), and Cours (France) ANDRITZ expert process engineers work as partners to nonwovens and textile producers in product development, evaluation of new processes and the definition of parameters for product guarantees.

A wide range of process can be tested and further developed, such as spunlace, wetlaid/Wetlace, needlepunch, textile recycling, airlay, bast fibers process, nonwoven and textile calendering. ANDRITZ experts are happy to support.

For the Middle East and Africa region, ANDRITZ Nonwoven & Textile offers the full range of technologies and services. All technologies are tailored to the needs of customers and the market.

Tobias Schäfer mentioned European companies and organizations make an important contribution to the development of the textile and nonwovens sector in the Middle East and Africa through advanced technologies and services. Sustainable solutions are also a key focus for ANDRITZ. Thus, the company supports its customers in developing and finding the right processes in this regard.

The nonwovens and textile industries can join forces and develop the potential to create new product applications that focus on a greener environment and a better future for the Middle East and Africa.


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