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Andritz full capacity for spunlace line in China

Andritz- full capacity for spunlace line in China

The crosslapped spunlace aXcess line supplied by the international technology group Andritz AG, Graz/Austria, to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Phoenix Textile Co., Ltd. (Phoenix) for its plant in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang province/China, has successfully reached its full capacity. This line is dedicated to the production of lightweight products from 30-100 g/m² for the wipes and hygiene markets. The production speed is up to 100 m/min.

The equipment supplied included the complete opening and blending machinery, 2 aXcess cards, a Profile crosslapper, a drafter, a Jetlace Avantage hydroentanglement unit, and a neXdry through-air dryer, including a neXecodry system for energy savings.

Phoenix is a fast-growing Chinese company specialized in the production of various textile products. In the nonwovens industry it provides wipes, face masks, and other hygiene products worldwide, with special focus on Japan, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.




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