Advansa unveils new logo for its engineered fibres

Advansa, a leading European polyester fibre producer based in Germany and supplying customers worldwide from the nonwoven wallpaper industry, has announced that the company has launched a new brand for its engineered fibres business, as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s innovation strategies and services that it provides to its customers.

The logo has been created to better match to the company logo reflecting its core values that include Safety, Health and Environment (S.H.E.) & Initiative & Excellence, with the same font of Advansa. The circle represents fibres applied worldwide in different industries. The different colours reflect the modern technology and symbolises the company’s diversification of products offered to several end uses in many industries.

ADVA is a registered trademark of Advansa and an umbrella brand for its family brands, applicable to all its engineered fibres that include ADVA Shortcut, ADVA Staple, and ADVA Tow.

ADVA Shortcut are specially engineered shortcut fibres which can be applied as additives for wet-laid nonwovens in paper and filtration industries as well as composites in automotive and construction industries.

ADVA Staple are specialised for drylaid nonwovens and textile applications, applicable in processes such as needlepunch, spunlace, thermobonding, and chemical bonding for various end uses.

ADVA Tow from Advansa consists of both crimped PET tow for cutting conversion as well as flat fibre tow for processing into flock, used in diverse fields, such as in automotive, hygiene, medicine etc.

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