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Adidas, Woolmark partner to develop t-shirts for marathon

Adidas, Boston Athletic Association and The Woolmark Company have announced their partnership to create and gift the first Best in Class t-shirts, which will be reserved only for the top 20 2018 Boston Marathon finishers per 13 age groups. The Best in Class t-shirt is made up of 75 per cent merino wool and the remaining is polyamide (nylon).

The partnership is aimed at developing innovative new product applications within the sports and performance market by applying the science and performance benefits of biodegradable Australian merino wool to achieve breathability, temperature control and odour resistance. The Woolmark Company has taken an active role in educating internal Adidas teams, connecting the brand with the wider wool supply chain and supporting business units on product innovation.

“Collaborating with an industry leader such as Adidas allows us to showcase the natural benefits of Merino wool including thermo-regulation, anti-odour and movement in the context of cutting edge design and innovation. The relationship is testament to the versatility of Merino wool and the forward-thinking vision of the Adidas product development team,” said Stuart McCullough, managing director of The Woolmark Company.



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