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garment and textile manufacturer in kenya

3,000 jobs for Kenyan workers by January 2020, says Mas Holdings!

3,000 jobs! garment and textile manufacturer in Kenya.

Yes, that’s what the garment and textile manufacturer Mas Holdings Singapore has said. In its efforts to enhance Kenyan Government’s job creation plan, the Sri Lankan apparel firm has said that once its unit goes operational in January 2020 in Athi River, Machakos County, there will be jobs for 3,000 people.

Close on it heels, another textile firm Royal Garments Industries too will be providing jobs to nearly 2,600 employees. These factories will be opened in the Export Processing Zones in the county.


Stressing on the same, Paul Gicheru, Chairman, Export Processing Zone Authority, said “Mas Group and 2 more companies will soon open in the zone, which will together take the number of people employed to more than 5,000.”

All this comes at a time when Kenya is struggling with job cuts as companies align their operations with changing landscape.

It is noteworthy that number of local employees engaged by EPZ firms rose by 4 per cent to 56,945 in 2018 from 55,486 in 2017. The garment and textile companies in EPZ employ more Kenyans, contributing nearly 80 per cent of export revenue.

With an investment of Sh1.5 billion, MAS Holdings Singapore will beat Hela Clothing to become the largest garment and textile manufacturer in Kenya.


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