Première Vision Paris

Première Vision Paris ; Visitors up 7.5%

Première Vision Paris :: In a competitive global setting, Première Vision Paris, global event for fashion professionals, has recorded a fine performance continuing the trend noted in last February. The show welcomed 60,565 visitors, representing 129 countries. It witnessed a rise in visitors by 7.5 per cent and international attendance by 8.5 per cent as compared to September 2016.

Top visitor countries attending the trade fair remain unchanged: France (+5 per cent), Italy (+3 per cent), United Kingdom (+4.7 per cent), Spain (+4.8 per cent). These are followed by China, in 5th position, then Turkey, which jumps ahead two places, passing Germany, whose visitor numbers remain nonetheless stable after two somewhat more challenging sessions, and the US, which posted a 4.8 per cent increase in terms of attendance. Japan moves up a place and is now the 9th visitor country, with a 7 per cent increase in visitors, moving ahead of Belgium, Première Vision said in a press release.

However, in terms of origin, the top 10 visitor countries recorded some changes in the present edition as compared to the September 2016 edition.

The increase in number of visitors and exhibitors attests the attractiveness, strength and the effectiveness of its transversal and creative positioning. The results confirm a strategic vector of differentiation and growth for the industry, as evidenced by the results of the Première Vision Barometer, prepared by the IFM Première Vision Chair, which were unveiled at the show’s press conference. This unique visitor ship is unmatched by any other upstream trade fair and characterised by its high quality, and diversity.

“We had a strong edition, surpassing 60,000 visitors. The launch of the Bag & Shoe Manufacturing platform at Première Vision Leather had a good first edition. Overall, feedback from our exhibitors emphasised quality. Our targeted conferences, cross-sectoral events and specialised spaces have helped make the boundaries between sectors more porous. Industry players meet and exchange ideas, and that gives birth to new collaborations. Our community intersects, and connects. And that’s where we play our role,” said Gilles Lasbordes, general manager of Première Vision.

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