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Top Five Yarn Producers in Iran

Top Five Yarn Producers in Iran

The production of fibers is the first step in the textile industry’s chain. From there, fibers are converted into yarn and then into the fabric. The quality of the finished textile is greatly influenced by the characteristics of the constituent fiber and yarn.

The most widely used fibers in the clothing business are cotton and polyester, which are typically combined to create the textiles used in the great majority of daily clothes worn by both men and women.

Since the characteristics of the yarn have a substantial impact on the quality of the fabric, there is always a high demand for premium yarns made by renowned spinning mills. In this article, we will be familiarized with the best Iranian spinning factories.

• Nafis







One of Iran’s well-known manufacturers of polyester yarns is Nafis Nakh. The business was founded in 2012 with the intention of producing various types of polyester filament yarn and meeting a variety of customer demands.

Nafis Nakh now employs over 600 individuals, and by utilizing knowledgeable and qualified professionals, it is able to produce a variety of polyester filament yarns, including POY, DTY, ATY, FDY, and TFO yarns. The company has an Integrated Quality Management (IMS) certificate from SGS Switzerland, which includes {ISO 9001-2015}, {ISO14001-2015}, {ISO45001-2108} standards.

• Nikris





One of Iran’s and the Middle East’s top and most well-known yarn producers, Nikriss Company has one of the most varied product portfolios in terms of color, size, and structure. The Zanjan-based Nikriss production complex creates a variety of colorful cotton ring yarns in various counts.

Soon after launching the first phase of the spinning facility in 2000, the yarns produced by Nikriss were immediately welcomed by customers and the market. Nikriss quickly gained a reputation as the best and highest-quality yarn in the nation.
The company completed the fabric production chain in response to market demands and the commendable quality of the spinning output. Thus, the weaving and dyeing lines were introduced in 2013 and 2014 employing cutting-edge equipment and contemporary technology from Germany and Switzerland. Currently, the production line employs more than 800 employees, the head office employs roughly 100, and the factory’s overall infrastructure covers more than 40,000 square meters.

• Kabir ris





Kabir Ris Factory introduces itself as the largest producer of fine yarns in the Middle East. The business is a subgroup of the Kabir Industrial Group, the biggest manufacturer of polypropylene bags worldwide. Kabir Ris was founded in 2006 and makes a variety of yarns from cotton, cotton-polyester blends, and polyester-viscose fibers.

This plant is designed in three different sections with excellent air conditioning to prevent the mixing of these synthetic fibers and the resulting issues, which is one of the reasons for the outstanding quality of Kabir Ris products. The overall production capacity of these three units is about 19,000 tons per year, making Kabir Ris one of the largest spinning factories in the Middle East.

• Kavir Seman






The Kavir Semnan firm, established in Esfahan city in 1982, is another well-known Iranian manufacturer that produces high-quality yarns. The company started its activity in the textile industry by spinning carpet yarns, and later entered the carpet production field with the ‘Solomon Carpet’ name.

Currently, Kavir Semnan is a noteworthy textile company that produces numerous varieties of the ring and open-end yarns, denim textiles, as well as bobbin dyeing. The use of the most cutting-edge wastewater treatment system, which recycles a large portion of the used water back into the production cycle, is one of this company’s distinguishing characteristics.


• Rasanriss




Since 2010, Rasanriss Company has been producing the highest quality cotton and synthetic yarns from the finest fibers in the world. The company is able to make all varieties of cotton, polyester, viscose, and melange yarn with the greatest quality by utilizing skilled workers, the best raw materials, and cutting-edge technology. Rasanriss constantly works to improve its production processes and keep up with market needs in order to produce yarns that meet international standards.


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