SSM at YIWU H&G in Yiwu, China

SSM at YIWU H&G in Yiwu, China, Hall 1 booth A1 E01.
Two SSM machine were shown.

The 15th China (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finsihing Machinery took place at the Yiwu International Expo Centre in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. From 19 to 22 November the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors from the region, which is known as the distribution hub of hosiery and underwear.

SSM shared a booth with their representative CHEMTAX Industrial Co., Ldt. Thanks to their great effort and support, the show was a successful one. With presenting of two machines for conventional covering, SSM was an eye-catcher of the exhibition. Following machines had been displayed in Yiwu:

•    SSM FM1 preciflex™ manual high-speed parallel winder
•    SSM NOVA-CS conventional single covering machine

The flexible and innovative concept of the manual SSM FM1 preciflex™ permits the cost efficient preparation of flanged bobbin for the covering and twisting process.

The second machine shown, was the SSM NOVA-CS conventional single covering machine. It is designed for the production of high quality elastic covered yarns ranging from fine to medium final counts. The key features are: inverter driven motors, electronic traverse system, touchscreen terminal with recipe management, high quality spindle drive for minimum speed variation, eco mode with programmable spindle speed over time and a sturdy machine design for low maintenance costs.

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