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Porcher Sport launches new avalanche airbag fabric

Porcher Sport launches new avalanche airbag fabric

Porcher Sport, the sports and leisure division of Porcher Industries, has launched the new ultra-lightweight avalanche airbag fabric for the safety of skiers and snow boarders. The company will unveil the revolutionary fabric plus other performance materials at their booth A4 407-4, at the ISPO 2019 trade show, to be held in Munich from February 3-6, 2019.

Considered the lightest fabric on the market with a super low weight of just 132g/square metres, Porcher Sport’s new performance fabric is proven to reduce the weight of avalanche bags by more than 12 per cent. Treated with an in-house formulated PU coating that is designed to resist the harshest of conditions, the material also boasts an extreme tear resistance, more than 50 per cent higher than other airbag fabrics. Easily repackable and compact, the fabric ensures the airbag can also be used for multiple deployments, according to Porcher.

Avalanche airbags are a must for all off-piste skiers and snow boarders, where the risk of an avalanche is high. Wearing an airbag is proven to save lives by preventing burials. Porcher Sports’ new performance fabric has been designed and successfully passed rigorous testing to ensure fast and smooth inflation, rapidly providing the skier with more buoyancy so that they naturally rise to the top of dangerous moving snow.

Litrax textile additives

The fabric is available in two signal colours for high visibility and is woven and treated in Porcher Industries’ technical textile manufacturing plant in France

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