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Panorama Berlin fashion show to be held in January 2019

Panorama Berlin, Europe’s leading fashion event, will be held from January 15-17, 2019, under the motto ‘Panorama Expedition’ in an arctic inspired setting. Panorama Berlin offers a broad overview of international men’s and womenswear collection. The show will present over 800 brands in eleven halls, on more than 45,000 square metres of exhibition space.

“Using a solutions-oriented approach, we focus on exciting topics. Our goal is to be more forward-thinking and to set new impulses. Traditional trade show concepts are losing their apparel. We’re dealing with an audience that needs trade shows but doesn’t love them anymore. The future brings challenge which will clearly change the industry; this is why we need new approaches and new concepts,” Jorg Wichmann, the CEO of Panorama Berlin said in a press release.

The shift will be apparent in all seven halls that are being re-conceptualised. The aim is to present relevant brands and straightforward messages. With clearer brand presentations, trend capsules, and limited editions that can only be found in Berlin, fashion will be showcased in an exciting lifestyle context. Brands will be rearranged. There will be a platform for brands that are focussed on building an identity, so they get more visibility.

Panorama Berlin will run its own online magazine covering the full range of products in the fashion and lifestyle worlds. This makes Panorama Berlin a trend hub that features a range of topics- all in addition to its regular trade fair activities. Panorama Berlin will increase its social media present and send B2B newsletters throughout the year on a variety of topics and present solutions, innovative ideas, and exciting content.

Entertainment, infotainment, and matchmaking/community are the three pillars that form Panorama Berlin’s new core. The entrance area will undergo a complete transformation. Registration will be part of the event and will no longer take place at the entrance to Messe Sud. It will be moved to the outside area in front of the entrance.

The hall ‘one’ established brands with a high degree of popularity and new collection concepts with great growth potential will show their fashion highlights. Hall ‘two’ will show menswear trends from format to minimalist. In Hall ‘three’, the womenswear will range from daywear to athleisure and glamour. The exhibitors in hall ‘four’ will offer looks for individuals, ranging from outerwear to sports. In hall ‘seven’, cooperation partner Xoom, with its successful concept for sustainable fashion, will present a relevant portfolio of green fashion brands.

A hall dedicated to infotainment and offering opportunities to turn POS into a POX will be hall ‘five’. Digital solutions, which are precisely tailored to the industry, will be presented here. In addition to Berlin tech start-ups, this area will feature retail design agencies and companies that provide culinary concepts, which are easy for fashion retailers to integrate. Fast-Loud-Bold, hall ‘six’ will focus on showcases and happenings, food, and sports, art, music, activity, and incentives.

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