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International Cotton Conference to focus on sustainability

The 34th International Cotton Conference 2018 will emphasise on sustainable cotton and textile production. The conference will provide a forum for scientifically founded and practically useful insights into key issues surrounding cotton and its supply chain. It will also focus on the priorities of consumers in their key role as buyers in the market.

Cotton Insights is the motto for the 2018 International Cotton Conference in Bremen, Germany, beginning March 21. The three-day conference will bring together the latest research results with their practical benefits. It provides information about responsible cotton cultivation, seed cultivation, biotechnological modification of seeds and their application. Innovative processes for the development of new cotton products of a textile architecture and equipment will be presented, as well as matters dealing with the trade and the shipment of cotton.

The conference will host sessions and panel discussions on various topics. Discussion topics will shed light on the entire supply chain of cotton including sustainability, cotton quality, seed breeding, digitalisation, research and textile processes.

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Dr. Jürgen Jansen, who will moderate the discussion in his capacity as head of the secretariat of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, will introduce the topic and define the key points using the example of the textile partnership. Allan Williams, R&D manager, Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC), Australia, will emphasise in his presentation the need to measure progress in sustainable cotton production using objective, internationally recognised methods. Dr. Jesse Daystar, vice president Cotton Incorporated USA, will present the latest life cycle assessment results covering the lifecycle of fibres and textiles through to end consumers. Eddie Jernigan, Jernigan Global, USA, will talk about the era of cheap polyester is coming to an end in China. Dr Richard A Venditti, a professor at North Carolina State University, US, will explain the impact of the release of different types of microfibres from household laundry on bodies of water and the state of biodegradability.

In the run-up to the International Cotton Conference, on March 20, the sustainability conference ‘SUSTAIN’, will take place.

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