Hand-woven Carpet; jewel of Iranian art in world

The 13th specialized exhibition of Iranian hand-woven carpets and tablecloths was held for five days (January 10-14, 2022) at the permanent venue of Qazvin International Exhibitions.

Iran is one of the most famous producers of hand-woven carpets globally. Handicraft is unique in the world due to its beauty and designs and the quality of raw materials.

The main customers of hand-woven carpets are the United States, Germany, Japan, and the Persian Gulf countries.

hand-woven carpet is a genuine Iranian art, but today, due to US sanctions, the heavy shadow of the recession can be seen on this famous and exquisite Iranian product.

hand-woven carpets as a beautiful handicraft have always been of special importance in people’s lives, and the trade of this exquisite product has flourished in Iran since the Safavid period, and hand-woven carpets can be considered the most exquisite export goods of Iran.

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