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13” x 19” and 24-inch with CADLink RIP Software
13” x 19” and 24-inch with CADLink RIP Software

Graphics One Launches Two New Film Positive Systems

Graphics One is pleased to announce two new screen-printing packages for imaging film positives. Featuring GO ScreenMateTM Color Separation Ink and Film, the system includes either the T3170x or the ET-15000 along with the CADLink Technology Corporation’s FilmMaker RIP software making this a true turnkey offering.

13” x 19” and 24-inch with CADLink RIP Software
13” x 19” and 24-inch with CADLink RIP Software

According to Dan Barefoot, VP of Graphics One, “We decided to integrate full systems after many of our customers requested that we offer high-end film positive capabilities with our colour separation inks and microporous film. We were able to achieve this by employing the latest printer technology along with CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP software for both of our printing systems. Our new printing systems will establish a new standard for high-quality film positives for the screen print industry.”

“We have been successfully selling our GO ScreenMateTM Ink and Film for many years. Manufactured by Prism Inks, amid the Silicon Valley in California, this ink has quickly become the standard for printing film positives for screens. Even more importantly, we were the first company to release a separation ink which takes full advantage of Micro Piezo TFP printhead technology,” added Barefoot.


The Graphics One systems include three (3) 140 ml bottles of ScreenMateTM Color Separation Ink, Screen- MateTM Film, CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP software and one printer. The 24-inch system has a list price of $3,449 and the 13” x 19” a list price of $1,499. GO ScreenMateTM 140 ml bottles of Ink list for $45.
The systems will be released in June 2020 and will be available through the extensive Graphics One distribution network.

Graphics One is a leading distributor of professional digital imaging products. GO’s informational website at www.graphicsone.com provides a full complement of details regarding products from leading digital imaging companies such as Mogk, EPSON, Mutoh, Insta Graphics, CADLink, Shock Line, Wasatch and others. As the distribution arm of Prism Inks, Graphics One provides a worldwide network of channel partners with in-country installation, service and technical advice in support of its products.

About Prism Inks, Inc.
Launched in 1999, Prism Inks is a privately held ink manufacturer headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Prism Inks is the largest independent ink producer in the Americas. The Prism facility is dedicated to the development, production, packaging and distribution of a wide array of inkjet inks and inkjet fluids for different inkjet printing platforms. Prism prides itself as a customer-driven, technology-focused company that offers a total system solution based on its customer requirements. All of Prism’s inks are manufactured for original equipment printer makers and for private label customers who demand and expect world-class products.




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