GarmentTech Istanbul 2025: The Pinnacle of Innovation in Garment Machinery

From June 25-28, 2025, the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) will host the GarmentTech Istanbul Exhibition, a premier event poised to redefine the landscape of the garment machinery and ready-to-wear sectors. Organized by Tüyap and Teknik Fairs, in collaboration with the Garment Automation and Machinery Manufacturers Association (KOMİD), this exhibition embodies the spirit of innovation encapsulated in its slogan, “Innovative Touch to Fashion.”

Comprehensive Exhibitor Profile

The exhibition promises a rich tapestry of cutting-edge technologies and products, encompassing a wide array of sub-industries, spare parts, consumables, and accessories essential for modern garment manufacturing. Highlights include:

  • Sewing Machine Spare Parts: Diverse components critical for the maintenance and enhancement of sewing machinery.
  • Plotter Papers and Vacuum Nylons: Integral for precision in design and manufacturing processes.
  • Numbering Machines and Labels: Tools and materials essential for accurate tracking and branding.
  • Needle Detectors and Spray Groups: Ensuring quality control and operational efficiency.
  • Sewing Workshop Equipment: Comprehensive solutions for workshop optimization.
  • Threads and Accessories: Including narrow weaves, labels, buttons, zippers, snaps, threads, embroidery threads, sequins, beads, interlining, and machine oils.

Additionally, logistics systems such as ventilation and air conditioning systems, compressors, generators, and uninterruptible power supplies will be showcased, reflecting the industry’s commitment to operational excellence and sustainability.

Strategic Importance and Goals

GarmentTech Istanbul aims to catalyze the garment and ready-to-wear sectors through significant machine sales and the forging of new commercial collaborations. This ambitious goal aligns with Turkey’s vision of becoming a fashion-forward nation, capable of setting trends rather than merely following them. The exhibition is expected to host hundreds of exhibitors from Turkey and beyond, each introducing state-of-the-art technologies and products that will shape the future of garment manufacturing.

Murat Eren, Tetaş Sales and Marketing Assistant General Manager, emphasized the sector’s significance: “The ready-to-wear, garment textile sector is one of the biggest sectors in Turkey. As one of the companies operating and producing in this sector, our expectations from the exhibition are quite high. Our wish is to realize a more successful exhibition than our competitors in the world together with all our stakeholders.”

Global Engagement and Visitor Experience

GarmentTech Istanbul 2025

The event is poised to attract a diverse audience of professional visitors and trade delegations from across the globe, encompassing regions such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans. Notably, delegations from garment industry powerhouses like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, and Uzbekistan will attend, underscoring the exhibition’s international appeal and its role as a hub for technological exchange.

Elevating to a World-Class Brand

Building on over 30 years of expertise in organizing internationally acclaimed textile machinery exhibitions, Teknik Fairs is dedicated to elevating GarmentTech Istanbul to a world-class brand. The exhibition will serve as a platform for the latest technological advancements that drive the global fashion industry, fostering a culture of innovation and digital transformation.

Necip Güney, Teknik Fairs Chairman of the Board, stated, “I hope that our exhibition, which we will organize with the support and cooperation of the esteemed members of the Garment Machinery Advisory Board and the Apparel Automation and Machinery Manufacturers Association (KOMID), will be beneficial for our country and the entire garment industry. With the support of our industry associations and the members of the Garment Machinery Advisory Board, we will make GarmentTech Istanbul Exhibition a world brand with devoted and disciplined work.”

Enhanced Features and Networking Opportunities

  • GarmentTech Daily News: A daily publication available in Turkish and English, offering interviews with industry leaders and product showcases, distributed free to all attendees.
  • GarmentTech News: A comprehensive newsletter featuring sector evaluations, interviews with key stakeholders, and product introductions, available both in print and online.
  • Visitor Guide: An essential tool for attendees, providing detailed information on the exhibition layout, exhibitor booth locations, and event schedules, ensuring a seamless and productive experience.

GarmentTech Istanbul 2025

Driving Investment and Industry Growth

The GarmentTech Istanbul Exhibition will not only showcase technological innovations but also drive significant investments in the garment industry. By bringing together domestic and international manufacturers focused on research, development, and innovation, the event will facilitate the formation of strategic partnerships and the expansion of business networks. Company leaders seeking to enhance production efficiency, capacity, and technological capabilities will find unparalleled opportunities at this premier event.

Turkey’s Strategic Vision in Fashion

With its robust production infrastructure and diverse product offerings, the Turkish ready-to-wear and garment sector is uniquely positioned to meet global demands swiftly, from everyday wear to bespoke designs. Emphasizing design innovation and customer-centric strategies, Turkey aims to transition from a fashion follower to a fashion leader, influencing global trends with its dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

Advertising and Brand Promotion

Exhibitors can leverage various advertising opportunities to maximize their visibility, including flags, pennants, billboards, and illuminated wall panels strategically placed throughout the exhibition venue. Additionally, GarmentTech Daily News and GarmentTech News offer platforms for product promotions and corporate messaging, reaching a wide audience of industry professionals.

GarmentTech Istanbul 2025

The GarmentTech Istanbul Exhibition, supported by the Garment Machinery Advisory Board members and KOMİD, represents a unique convergence of technology, innovation, and global networking. By hosting industry professionals, facilitating technological advancements, and fostering new business collaborations, the event will significantly contribute to the growth and evolution of the global garment and ready-to-wear sectors.

Yavuz Çatma, Çatma Makina Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his optimism: “I wish that the cooperation we have made with Teknik Fairs will be beneficial for our sector. I hope that we will have many more successful exhibitions together for 30 years to come. As the Advisory Board, we are among the top 3 fairs in the world with the Garment Machinery Exhibition we organize. As a result of our cooperation, we aim to be one of the first 2 exhibitions. I would like to thank our sector representatives and advisory board members for their support.”


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