Fabric texture management system and electronic dobby driver

System introduction:

Electronic dobby card or electronic dobby board that is used to control Staubli dobby is a very widely used product in weaving factories that increases product efficiency, increases fabric production, diversifies fabric production and reduces waste in fabric production.

RayaSanat Group has been using German and Italian technology and installing electronic dobby boards on various weaving machines such as Dornier, Sulzer, Somat, Smit, Ghadir, Saurer, Picanol, etc. Any weaving machine that can use electronic dobby can use this product.


1. Ability to pick finder operations guaranteed.

2. Update the app via USB and your Dobby device.

3. Memory in case of power failure.

4. Save up to 100 programs with 4000 lines.

5. Display device speed in terms of car speed per minute.

6. Display the running line of the running program.

7. Reverse magnet connection in case of magnet failure without changing the program.

8. View Dobby Error Report.

9. Has a power supply unit with the product (electronic input device is recommended for safe input power)

10. one year guarantee and 5 years after-sales service.

11. Color weaving capability.

12. Ability to define active harnesses up to 28.

13. Ability to record and report shifts.

14. Ability to Calculate the efficiency of each shift baesd on the percentage kilopik and amount of woven fabrics.

15. Ability to pair the harnesses (in Sulzer machine).

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  1. virendra khazanch i

    i am intersted in dobby electronic board for sulzer projectile loom and dornier loom

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