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50,000 new jobs! A new strategy to revive Uganda’s textile industry

50,000 new jobs! Uganda’s textile industry

50,000 new jobs that earn a combined US $ 50 million every year! That’s what Uganda’s new textile development plan says.

The new development strategy implemented by the Government of Uganda to revive the textile industry promises jobs to 50,000 workers and thereby helps the factories annually earn the said amount.


The strategy also proposes to revamp production value chain and investment in export-oriented apparel factories that would initially depend on imported fabrics.

Once fully implemented, the industry insiders feel that the textile industry could end up earning as much as US $ 650 million through exports.

There’s nothing better for the industry than have a strategy that will help increase fibre cotton production, scale up domestic value addition and most importantly create jobs for people.

The new strategy is supposed to feed into the 3rd edition of National Development Plan (NDPIII) and is the one industry is eagerly looking forward to.


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