Wuxi No. 1 Cotton Mill invests in Loepfe technology

Wuxi No. 1 Cotton Mill has invested heavily in the upgradation of all its existing Savio winders with Loepfe’s yarn clearing technology. With the increasing demand for premium yarns, the largest producer of high quality compact yarns is working towards strengthening the existing product lines and is constantly upgrading its manufacturing facilities.

“The  encouraging  message  is  that  Africa  has  some  unique  advantages  for  Chinese investors. In comparison with Asia, Africa’s location is physically closer to the European and American markets. Africa also enjoys more favourable  trade  policies  with  the  European  Union  and  the  United  States. Today’s African market of textilemanufacturing has less competition as well. The huge population and immense space in the continent provide great potential for manufacturers to develop.  Africa’s rich natural resources and low labour costs are very attractive to Chinese investors as well,” said president of Wuxi No. 1 Cotton Mill, Zhou Ye Jun.

“As an investor, Wuxi No. 1 Cotton Mill is bringing advanced technology and management techniques to their southeast African partner that will help improve local production processes and finally ensuring that the investment will be sustainable and profitable for all parties involved,” added Jun.

“Loepfe Brothers Ltd. is the pioneer and worldwide market leader in foreign matter detection in yarns and we rely 100 per cent on their competence in this field. Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Loepfe’s MillMaster monitoring system is connected to all our existing Loepfe yarn clearers on our Savio winding machines. The information provided by Loepfe’s MillMaster systems allows us to be promptly informed when there is a need to intervene and to steadily optimise the entire yarn manufacturing process in our mills. For Wuxi No. 1 Cotton Mill, we rely on this proven combination of total quality control by Loepfe Brothers Ltd. since many years,” Loepfe said in a press release.

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