Textile Auxiliaries by Chimatech

CHIMATECH Joint Stock Company is established in 1991. It is a successor of the Central Institute of Chemical Industry – a scientific research organization founded in 1954.

The main subject of the company includes scientific research, production and trade in the field of chemical industry.

During its 40-ty years existence CHIMATECH (The Central Institute on Chemical Industry) developed and keeps developing scientific-technical and production specialization in the following fields of production and economical activities:

            (i) Scientific research, production and commercial activity in the field of:

  • surfactants, surfactant based textile-auxiliary agents and household products;
  • anticorrosive polymer materials and anticorrosive protection in all spheres of the national economy;
  • special-purpose polymer products, including silicon-based products;
  • inorganic salts and products;
  • auxiliary materials for the industry, construction and agriculture;

Both, the qualification of the personnel and the reach experience collected during the long specialization of the Company ensure such a quality of the products which fulfils the European standards. That is why, CHIMATECH products are in demand and perspective on the Bulgarian and foreign markets.

In the textile-auxiliary segment, the company specializes in the manufacturing of lubricants, avivage agents, detergents, cleaners and emulsifiers. Among the best sold products are the following:

  • A lubricant for production of worsted slivers of raw washed wool.
  • A lubricant for woolen spinning of wool, synthetic fibres and blends.
  • An avivage agent for polyester cable after dyeing; worsted spinning of wool slivers and mixtures.
  • An avivage agent for manufacturing of smooth and structured textile articles of synthetic fibres by needle felt machine.
  • A nonionic agent for washing up of yarn and textile of cotton, synthetic fibres and their mixtures after dyeing.
  • An agent for oil spots removal from synthetic and natural fabrics.
  • An emulsifier of synthetic waxes and silicone oils.


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