Stäubli Revolutionizing in Weaving: The SAFIR PRO S67

In the fast-paced and competitive world of fabric production, achieving perfect warp beams is essential for optimizing weaving efficiency and quality. The new SAFIR PRO S67 automatic drawing-in machine revolutionizes this process by enhancing efficiency, adaptability to various weaving styles, and quality control. With advanced features like Active Warp Control 2.0 (AWC 2.0), rapid drawing-in capabilities, and comprehensive digitalization solutions, the SAFIR PRO S67 sets a new standard in the industry, promising to reduce warp-related machine stops, boost productivity, and ensure the production of high-quality fabrics.

SAFIR PRO S67 Enhances Efficiency, Adaptability, and Quality Control in Weaving Preparation

Today’s fast pace and cut-throat fabric production requires perfect warp beams that have been autormatically drawn-in on our new SAFIR PRO s67. Weaving is thus optimized, less warp-related machine stops are the result – which in turn improves the weaving efficiency, productivity, and quality output of A-grade fabrics.

The SAFIR PRO S67 has novel & enhanced features offering user benefits through high-tech features resulting in quick recognition of yarn colors, yarn characteristics and repeat to be considered in weaving through AWC 2.0 (Active Warp Control 2.0) – employing latest optics, sensors, and algorithms.

Furthermore, SAFIR PRO S67 can be delivered with ICS Initial Condition seting which facilitates fast start-up proceedings of the drawing-in process through pre-defined machine parameters. Going into remote control of SAFIR PRO S67, the machine can be linked to our safe and secure data cloud thus offering APC- Active Productivity & Drawing-in Control. The SAFIR PRO S67 will additionally speed up the drawing-in process since it is drawing-in up to 200 ends per min. thus guaranteeing a very high production rate.

Monitoring and Regulating Warp Tension, Weft Insertion, Loom Speed, and Fabric Quality

With the SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines you can perfectly monitor different status information during drawing-in process. You can easily adapt the machine pre-settings to different yarn types. For certain we even offer kits, for instance for wool or fancy yarns. Here hard and software adaptations lead to quick start up of the drawing-in process.

You cannot monitor the fabric quality in the weaving process – it is actually even controlled before entering weaving through the automatic production of perfect warp beams on SAFIR PRO S67. With the Stäubli Active Warp Control 2.0 technology you ensure perfectly the quality of your final product after drawing-in: the complete weaving harness. The better the quality of this weaving harness, the higher the quality of your downstream weaving process and the more first quality fabric you will produce. Because you will not have any misaligned yarns that lead to weaving machine stops and secondary quality woven fabric.

Stäubli’s Active Warp Control Technology: An Overview

The handling, control, and monitoring of each individual warp yarn throughout the entire drawing-in process is decisive for the quality and perfection of the finished harness with warp beam. That’s why Stäubli developed “Active Warp Control 2.0” (AWC 2.0), which is optionally available on all SAFIR systems. AWC 2.0 controls and monitors the drawing-in process on the basis of the continuously measured yarn properties and the programmed draw-in repeat.

Yarn properties

Optical, non-contact recognition and measurement of yarn properties is the essential function of AWC 2.0. Interpreting the measured data through image processing by high-performance processors allows the determination of titre, colour, twist direction and, within certain limits, even hairiness, transparency, and monofilament or multifilament characteristics. Measurements are done when the individual yarn is separated from the warp sheet and ready to be drawn in. Based on the measured data, AWC 2.0 controls the subsequent steps of the drawing- in process.

Yarn titre and double-end detection

Based on the measured yarn titres, AWC 2.0 detects whether a double end has been separated by mistake. This is a standard function in all SAFIR configuration. If a double end is indicated, the machine stops and the operator inspects it and takes a decision based on 2 images taken from different angles. Double-end detection can even be Used when warps with yarns OT various titres are to be drawn in. In this case., AWC 2.0 uses the programmed draw-in repeat to check whether yarns with the correct titre are present in the correct position for drawing in.

Layer-& Offset Management

When preparing double warp beams or two-layer bearns, e.g. for fancy denim or filament applications, warp beam widths vary, yarn types may be different and repeats may show 1:2 instead 1:1. These circumstances require specific solutions for maintaining the efficient processing of the warp sheet preparation.

For optimizing the processing Stäubli offers a dedicated clamping System for the stationary drawing-in stations for the SAFIR S32-3.6 and the SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in machines, namely the Layer- & Offset-Management.

Initial Condition Settings (ICS) for efficient drawing-in start-ups

Yarn properties, including yarn twist, yarn count, type of filament (normal, high bulk, etc.), and stiffness directly influence the drawing-in performance of any automatic drawing-in system.

ICS consists of hard- and software elements, depending on the option chosen, and allows to set up presettings for drawing in yarns with special properties.

ICS is focusing on applications

While AWC controls every individual yarn, ICS optimises the overall drawing-in process in accordance with the requirements of the specific application. Stäubli ICS allows weavers to easily expand their range of applications and draw in glass yarns as well as technical and fancy yarns.

Innovating Textile & Weaving Industry with SAFIR PRO S67

Labor is scarce in our textile & weaving industry. The function ability, the extreme ease of use, the availability of software options to control colors, yarn characteristics, yarn twists etc. and pre-setting opportunities of applications innovate the use of the SAFIR PRO S67 technology.

Digitalization solutions (e.g. our APC -Active Productivity-& Drawing-in control via our safe and secure Stäubli cloud) further facilitate the use, remote control and output of the machine. Innovation will also come through economic benefits using this technology. It basically reduces many of the current pain points in warp preparation or weaving.

Lutuf Mensucat A.S. Testimonial at SAFIR PRO S67 Launch in Istanbul

“We are looking forward to our new investment in Stäubli SAFIR PRO S67 which will set a foundation for a smooth and efficient weaving process, leading to high-quality fabric production and quick adaptation to market needs.”

Established in 1987, the weaving company Lutuf Mensucat A. Ş is currently running 248 weaving machines to produce mainly fabrics made from cotton and cotton mix, such as cotton Tencel, cotton Modal, or cotton linen. These fabrics are dedicated to applications such as women’s and men’s shirting, pants, jackets, coats, women’s pants, skirts, jackets. The daily production output in average is 50.000 meters. In order to answer the various market demands, Lutuf always invests into the first-tier high performance machinery with high speed, such as the Stäubli SAFIR PRO S67 automatic drawing-in machine.

The SAFIR PRO S67 represents a significant advancement in the weaving industry. With its high-tech features, efficient performance, and advanced quality control, it sets a new standard for weaving preparation. As Lutuf Mensucat A.S. attests, this investment promises to streamline the weaving process and produce high-quality fabrics, meeting the evolving needs of the market.


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