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The International Business And Exhibition Center of Bogota CORFERIAS is a private organization for the promotion ofindustrial, social, cultural and commercial development in the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean. Its principal shareholder is the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of the corporate sector and of society in general, is positioned as one of the main trade shows operator in Latin America and the most important in Colombia. It has over 60 years of experience in organizingexhibitions, events and conventions.
At CORFERIAS are organized event of global importance such as: 16th World summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and the 5th UCGL congress world summit of local and regional

THE COLOMBIAN CHAMBER OF CLOTHING INDUSTRY is an institution of public interest, independent, with legal personality and own property.
Consisting of Regional Chapters that operate throughout the national territory, with the aim of promoting the Clothing Industry at national and international level, promoting quality and productivity, representing and defending the general interests of the sector and is the organ of consultation and Collaboration of the State for the design and execution of policies, programs and instruments that facilitate the economic and industrial development of garments in the country

Createx -The Textile and Manufacturing Industry Show

Specialized (Commercial Exhibition Academic Agenda and Dynamic Sample)


Exhibitions Days:
May 16 – 18, 2018 (Three Exhition days)

Corferias, Bogota – Colombia

Latin-American Pacific, America Center and the Caribbean

About Createx

CREATEX is one of more relevant knowledge and goods and services suppliers’ platform in the country, directed to all sized business of the Textile and Clothing industry.
The main objective is promoting the market, gathering in one place the supply and demand, motivating the sector moving and expanded the visitors find tailor-made solutions from the acquisition business perspective.

The event includes the following components:
• Academic agenda
• Commercial Exhibition
• Dynamic sample

Exhibitors profile :

  • Small and medium-size enterprises, producers of:
    • Machinery and equipment for the textile industry
    • Machinery and equipment for textile finishing
    • Machinery and equipment for the industry of woven clothing
    • Software for the design of knitted fabrics
    • Fibers and threads
    • Textiles
    • Materials required in the textile industry
    •Technology and machinery vendors:
    •Specialized services vendors:
    •Transversal services vendors:
    • Banking and financing
    • Insurances
    • Technical / Technological Training
    • Companies that provide technical assistance services in textile equipment and machinery
    • Business persons that offer services such as Stamped Printing, Dyeing, Cutting, Full Packaging and others


Visitors profile
– Companies of the TEXTILE industry
– Companies of the Clothing industry
– Distributors of final products and producers of own brands
– Designers and professionals in design  and tailorin

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