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Why we run a boarding house for puppies

Housemates Darcy O’Gara, Steven Luong and Richard Dix are all volunteer dog boarders. They have full-time jobs at the same firm, but also look after string of part-time puppies.

Puppy boarding is one way charities are dealing with spiralling waiting lists for guide dogs and assistance dogs – which cost £55,000 to train and care for during their lifetime.

“We’ve had seven puppies and dogs, but Urwin is probably the cheekiest,” says Darcy, 27.


“You have to be careful if you have food lying around, but he’s quite adorable.”

For the past two years, the colleagues-turned-housemates have run a “puppy B&B” from their home in Banbury, Oxfordshire, which involves hosting a puppy for evening and weekend stays.

The puppies go on to be trained as guide dogs, or to assist a person with a physical disability, or condition such as autism or dementia.


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