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Tunisia conducts programme in Spain for textile sector

Tunisia’s Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX), along with the Tunisian Federation of Textiles and Clothing (FTTH) is currently conducting a networking and business contact programme in Spain’s textile and clothing sector. Called ‘Jornadas de Tunez Moda’, it is part of the 2017-2019 government plan to boost the sector and is taking place in Barcelona and Madrid starting July 2. 

The programme brings together about 15 Tunisian clothing manufacturers operating in the flagship sectors of the sector, according to an official press release. 

The four sectors are ready-to-wear, lingerie and swimwear, jeans and sportswear and clothing accessories. 


Around 30 Spanish companies are driven by the same will to diversify their sourcing and establish new industrial partnerships with companies on the southern shore of the Mediterranean. 

Through this type of meeting, Tunisia aims not only to gain market share for its manufacturers, but also to consolidate its position as the preferred location for textile sourcing activities thanks to its strong capacity to adapt to new production requirements. 





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