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Top Textile Companies in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s textile industry is a significant part of the country’s industrial sector. It is crucial to provide career opportunities for Saudi nationals, diversify their sources of income, and help overcome the problem of unemployment.

Furthermore, this industry contributes to increased production rates, leads to economic independence, and provides some local clothing and textile needs. The following essay introduces Saudi Arabia’s top five textile enterprises.



FPC Home

FPC is a Saudi Arabia-based company producing coated technical textiles with a production capacity of more than 3,600,000 square meters per month. This company is the first of its kind in the Middle East in production technology and the fifth in the world in terms of production capacity.

The factory offers a full range of PVC, PFE, Polyurethane, Silicone, and Acrylic coated fabrics with the latest German technology and skilled staff. High-density polyester yarns covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and fiberglass yarns coated with silicone or Teflon make up FPC technical textiles.

All FPC products have been certified by reputable international organizations and have completed quality assurance testing to assure customer satisfaction. FPC introduces its mission as “Satisfying customers with quality products, competitive prices and building the trusted relation worldwide from the heart of Saudi Arabia.

” It aims to pioneer fabric industries in domestic and foreign markets. Billboards, tarpaulins, truck side curtains, tents, PVC-coated fiberglass fabric, PFE-coated fiberglass fabric, and silicone-coated fiberglass fabric are among the various products offered by FPC.

• Alyaf


ALYAF is a Saudi Arabian firm that has been at the forefront of geosynthetics development in the Middle East since 1992. It is now a prominent global geosynthetics solution supplier and the only firm in Saudi Arabia that can extrude the cores of full drainage composites in-house, utilizing the best quality Saudi polymers.

Polyester and Polypropylene geotextiles, Geonets, Cuspates, Geocomposites, Geogrids, Geocells, Capillary break layers (SALT BARRIERS), Paving solutions, and Polyester reinforcement mats; roof garden systems are among the company’s extensive offerings.

ALYAF is well-positioned to meet the growing need for effective Geosynthetic solutions in civil and environmental engineering projects, thanks to its professional team. This group has been steadily improving its technology and introducing new cutting-edge solutions to fit a variety of civil and environmental engineering applications.

ALYAF company has made a variety of multifunctional geocomposites in collaboration with the UK-based GEOfabrics brand. ALYAF’s quality and service have been highly recognized by significant clients, consultants, and contractors in the region, having provided more than a billion million square meters of geosynthetics.

• Aratex

Home Page

ARATEX is a yarn manufacturing company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a member of the Al Sorayai Trading & Industrial Group, which was founded in 1953 and is one of the top 15 carpet and rug producers in the world, as well as one of the leading carpet and rug manufacturers in the Middle East.

With an extensive distribution network, Aratex is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of yarns for carpets and similar applications. The Aratex yarn collection includes plain BCF mono and tricolor yarn that can be single twisted or cabled, as well as heat-set, straight, or frieze yarn. This company produces the best yarns globally using a strict international quality management system and standards.

Aratex yarns are thoroughly tested for consistency using the most advanced and high-tech testing methods and equipment available in its own laboratory. Its market reputation is built on competence and quality as a dependable yarn supplier and exporter worldwide. Aratex currently ships items across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Valleystar Uniforms


Valleystar uniforms is another top textile company in Saudi Arabia. This company offers a wide range of quality uniforms, including Executive, Hospital, School, Security, and Catering & Chef Uniforms. Work Suits and Industrial Clothing such as coveralls are among the other products produced by Valleystar group.

This company performs whatever novelty or modernization its customers wish by adopting market trends and advanced textile technology. Embroidery and Screen Printing are also services offered by Valleystar. The head office of Valleystar is placed in Saudi Arabia, but it also has branch offices in Bahrain, India, and UAE.

• Lomar

In Saudi Arabia, Lomar is a well-known apparel company. It was formed in 2002 by Loai Nassem and Mona Al-Haddad, who spent two years researching the industry before beginning production. The Lomar brand aspires to provide individuality via design diversity, as well as to promote the most reformed values and designs of Saudi culture around the world.

Lomar designers reinvent traditional conventions into strong and dynamic fashion statements and introduce Saudi male fashion through new designs and inventive materials. This creative apparel brand’s objective includes infusing design sense into traditional Saudi wear. Lomar now has over 60,000 customers, most of whom are from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, as well as 16 outlets throughout the kingdom. Shumagh, abaya, shoes, and perfume are examples of products offered by the Lomar brand.


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