World’s Capital of Carpet

Tabriz was recognized as the World’s Capital of Carpet

Tablet of Introduction of Tabriz as a Global City of Carpet Weaving was Unveiled

In a ceremony of “Global City of Carpet Weaving” held in Tabriz, it is introduced as one of 11 global cities of handcrafts in the world.

“Upon assessments and taking into account various indices like governmental participations and proper conditions for carpet weaving, Tabriz is elected and introduced as a global city of carpet weaving”, Qatha Hijavi, President of Asia and Oceania of World Crafts Council.

It is noteworthy that the World Crafts Council is established as a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization in 1964, aiming at supporting the place of handcrafts as a vital part of culture and economic life, elevating cooperation among manufactures of handcrafts around the world, encouraging, assisting and guiding them and economic development through profitable activities.

In addition of being engaged in some projects in each of five continents (Africa, Asia-Oceania, Europe, Latin America and North America), members of Word Crafts Council are cooperating each other.

“Specialty in manufacturing and selling carpet and high quality of carpet have both made Tabriz well-known”, Qatha Hijavi continued.

Hamid Karegar, Head of National Iranian Carpet Center said that “Tabriz’s carpet has been already registered in Global Organization of Intellectual Property and it is now registered as a Global City of Carpet Weaving”.

“Antiquity of Tabriz’s carpet and its beauty are other characteristics that are rarely seen in other carpets”, he added.

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