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Men buy more clothes online than women: Nielsen

Men buy more clothes online than women

A recent report by Nielsen on customer shopping behaviour on e-commerce reveals that men are more inclined towards online apparel shopping than women.

The study says that almost 56 per cent of the online clothing sales contribution is done by males than women whose contribution stands at a mere 36 per cent. The possible reason is that women are more likely to try clothes before making any purchase.

The trend is across the top 8 metro cities that contribute to 29 per cent, and Tier 1 cities that account for almost 71 per cent.

The kidswear, which is known to be gaining pace over the last few years, accounts for only 5 per cent of the apparel sales.


The study is based on the sales data of the recent festive period, between September and October, and comprises 190,000 internet users from across 52 cities.

The apparel sale in India is driven majorly because of young population and digital connectivity that has made accessibility to brands easier.

Moreover, the internet presence in all the major and small cities have made it possible for everyone to be aware of fashion trends. Prasun Basu, President, Nielsen Global Connect (south Asia) stated“Every second person on the channel is a new shopper and it is imperative for brand managers and marketers to get actionable insights into online shoppers.”

The report further suggests that maximum sale (23 per cent) happens between 8 pm and 11 pm when people are back from their work.

Notably, Amazon and Flipkart alone saw a combined sales of Rs. 31,000 crore during the festival season.

Beyond clothing, footwear (23 per cent) and fashion accessories (17 per cent) have made their contribution to the fashion segment.


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