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textile recycling centres

Israel unveils new plan to set up textile recycling centres

As a part of a strategic national programme for municipal waste management, the Government of Israel has launched a support plan for local authorities to set up new textile recycling centres, or upgrade existing ones across the country.

Textiles, clothing and packaging are included in the list of materials to be collected and recycled at these centres.

The government has allocated an amount of 149.5 million shekels (about $45 million), the Israeli ministry of environmental protection said.


“Recycling in the homes sector has significant potential to increase recycling in Israel. It relies on the number of recycling centres in the local authorities, their accessibility and their quality,” the ministry said.

The materials collected in the recycling centres are directed to designated recycling plants in Israel or abroad, which handle the separated stream and derive value from it.

The goal of the Israeli government is to reduce the landfill rate in the country to 20 per cent by 2030 and to significantly increase the percentage of recycling.


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